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Human Relaxin 2 Injections


Inhibition of Myostatin in the Penis by the shMst RNA and Effect on Penile Size.

…penis may be injected with 100 μg of either the pSILENCER® 2.1-U6 neo-myostatin siRNA plasmid construct or pSILENCER® 2.1-U6 neo-randomer plasmid and electroporated in a manner identical to that done for skeletal muscle…

…penile weight increases on average by 16.8% in Mst-shRNA treated penises…

…the content of collagen fibers decreases in representative micrographs in the Mst-shRNA treated muscles…

…The quantitative image analysis expressed as collagen per myofiber area per field illustrated in FIG. 11B shows that this ratio may be significantly decreased by as much as 39.7% by Mst-shRNA treatment….

The combined in vitro and in vivo results shown above indicate that myostatin is expressed in smooth muscle cells, and it is therefore believed that blocking myostatin may increase penile size such as by an increase in smooth muscle cell proliferation

In view of the foregoing, it is believed that blocking myostatin expression by shRNA or any other procedure, or inhibiting myostatin activity, may increase smooth muscle content in the penis and penile size, and counteract fibrosis, thus improving erectile function and counteracting impotence associated with penile fibrosis.

Exemplary penile conditions that can be treated by this approach may include, but are not limited to enlargement of penis size, or in the treatment or prevention of small penis size, cavernosal smooth muscle myopathies, congenital micropenis and other genetic abnormalities, effects of hypogonadism on penile size, penile trauma, hypospadias, transsexual penile construction, penile amputation, penile cancer, Peyronie’s disease, vasculogenic erectile dysfunction related to penile fibrosis.

Based on the foregoing results, it is contemplated that the techniques described herein may be used, for example, to increase skeletal muscle mass, smooth muscle mass, increase penile size, decrease smooth muscle fibrosis and increase smooth muscle of the corpora cavernosa of the penis.

So the thing is I dont have these exact ingredients.. But I do have the implications of this work and that is the myostatin inhibition can impact the smooth muscle mass of the penis by up to 16.8%. Now that would be something else….

Take penis volume as a better measure. I proposed to Dr Runels once a means to measure the volume of a penis vs just its length and girth. Take 5.25x7.8 that about 41 cubic inches. thats an increase of 6.5 cubic inches in volume for me… so that nearly about the same kind of increase we should be talking about with the myostatin inhibition. approximately because my former size is about 84% of my current size\volume.

Anyway that’s by extrapolation… And these results were obtained in 2 weeks, so that sounds to fantastic… One concern I have is might it burn going in?

Well if it did what it implies 41CU might become nearly 48cu… which could amount to length and girth increases but in what proportions I dont know… likely the same or similar hence that could mean 6x8 more more likely 5.6x8.5 would be approximate to 16.8% proportionate growth.

But anyway the real proof is in the pudding, so we shall see. But they did say they did go with amount of myostatin inhibitor equal to whats used for skeletal muscle, so in that vein I do have a general guideline. They also tried 100ug, so I think that will be my starting point for this next phase of the adventure.

Stay tuned…


Heard about the ideas of electricity and AR receptors on this site… From Atmospheric… Also heard Ron mention the idea once from ChemPE.


Originally Posted by inuic
Heard about the ideas of electricity and AR receptors on this site… From Atmospheric… Also heard Ron mention the idea once from ChemPE.


sounds interesting. Tell me more please

I haven’t had much time to post lately, but I’m very excited to see how things go with your take on Myostatin inhibition. Seems like a tricky process to make work. Mostly because the patent doesn’t elaborate on the exact compound and ways it’s used, aside from dosage. I’ve also read various anecdotes alleging that a myostatin inhibitor needs to be attached to a carrier virus to alter the targeted genes properly. There’s also obviously the issue of getting genuine Follistatin/etc as well. The doctor behind this particular patent has done lots of penile research and shouldn’t be hard to get in touch with if you search around properly. I’d imagine you’d have to word an inquiry rather carefully to get a response though.

Tried it a few times now… Myostatin inhibitor Follistatin.

I don’t know but I just took my measurements again… And I will admit I have not taken them for a few a good long while, but when I did so today I could stretch my unit to the 8 inch mark! That never happened before no matter how hard I pulled LOL… Also I found out my girth is not uniform but varies from the base up… I am now at my base 5.75 inches mid shaft 5.5 upper shaft 5.25 and round just before\at the glans limit, 5.0 inches, so in appears to vary along the shaft of my unit.

So my max measurements have grown… I started at 7.1 now its 8 in stretched length and I started at 4.85 at my greatest girth to now 5.75 as my greatest…

The thing is its such snail slow growth as you hardly can perceive the changes in process. Its like trying to watch a flower follow the sun, it happens all day long but do you really notice?


Hi, inuic. Here is a link (below) to my chem PE progress log at Pro Muscle. It became the community board for chem PE, not just my progress log. The bad pins you are having I used to have all the time. How long is the pin you are using? I use a 30 guage/.5cc/1/2” slin pin. It has been my experience, and it never fails, that there is a little resistance and a little sting when the pin reaches the tunica. Another little push and I am in the CC. If I push the plunger and there is resistance, not an easy discharge, I adjust the pin, try again. If I still get resistance, I abort and find a new injection site. Pinning outside the tunica is a painful deal and waste of time and money.

I tried an auto-injector. I didn’t like it because I would still get an occasional bad pin, simply because it happened so fast I couldn’t experience that tunica resistance and sting that always told me I was in the CC when I pinned manual.

I am currently in a holding pattern, pending resolution of a low T issue. Here’s hoping you reach all of your goals! Link to my progress log. My cumulative progress report is on page 20, post #391….…pe-log-123.html

I have a question about chemical PE

I am new to the forums so if these questions has been answered already, it would be appreciated if I could get the links.

I’ve been doing chemical PE for about 6 weeks now, I have been using Relaxin, IGF DES, Andractim and DMSO.

I still have not seen any results and I’m afraid that I am doing it wrong.

I have been able to achieve a 3-4 erection about 5 times in 6 weeks from the PGE1, the rest of the days have consisted of 1-2 hour erections, and I have been injecting every day so far.

1) Is it 100% necessary to achieve a 3-4 hour erection every time in order for the treatment to work? Or does a daily 1-2 hour erection also work but maybe at a slower rate?

The reasons why I have only been able to achieve a 1-2 hour erection is due to the pain that it causes which makes me scared to inject higher doses(the pain is really bad), and the high tolerance I have built over 6 weeks. The first bottle lasted me over 2 weeks and now a bottle will last me 2 or 3 days.

2) What can I do about the pain and about the high tolerance?

I read that sodium bicarbonate injections can help decrease the pain from the PGE1 and also, adding other dilators like Papaverine can help the erections last longer thus improving the effectiveness of the therapy. The problem is that I have not been able to find a source for these two things, all places that I found ask for prescriptions.

3) Where can I find these medications?

4) Is it ok to mix PGE1, Relaxin and IGF DES in the same syringe while injecting?


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