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Hormone Cycle and Pennimaster

Hormone Cycle and Pennimaster

I have been wearing the pennimaster for the last month 7 days a week for 12 hours a day like they say. I dont do any other form of PE. I am having great results. Penis hangs longer and thicker after i take it off. I can even take a cold shower and it does not shrink up at all. That rocks. Today i am starting HCG made by Organon (Chorionic Gonadortophin), Clomid and androgel, i have read in here and other places that it increases penis size, i am using the clomid and HCG to feep the natural tesosterone production, and to make my balls bigger, and the andro gel for my penis, i am going to apply twice a day, once in the morning and at night before bed. Don’t rub on balls, thats what the clomid and HCG is for keeping the estrogen down. I am 7 inches erect length and 5 1/2 girth. I will let you know my progress. Also i am going to drink a gallon of water a day, exercise 4-5 times a week and keep my healthy diet. I will continue to wear the Pennimaster 12X7 a week with no other form of pe. This is a 1 month test. I f no extra results i will go strait to anabolic injections and try that. I will keep you posted.

Hey dieanotherday, what site did you buy clomid from? I’ve heard that it increases the size of your balls also. Mine are really small. I’ve been trying to find a site that sells it for a resonable price.

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Thats great news Dieanotherday! What are your gains so far after about 360 hours of use (1 month) of PM?

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Sounds like you have a plan.

i have had about 1/4 increase in length, which put me a t a solif 7 inhes. By october i should be eight inches.

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