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Supplentation for Hormone Therapy

Supplentation vs Hormone Therapy

The best rated pills on line are the pro solutions pills, i was thinking about getting them but i am a personal trainer and know alot about hormones and stuff.

I am thinking about either trying the pills or doing a cycle of Testosterone Cypionate, with HCG, and Some Arimidex or clomid to block estrogen which can cause penile shrinkage. The steroids are cheaper than the pills, and by far more powerful.

Since DHT is the main facilitator for penile growth and bumping up your testoterone brings you DHT way up, would that not make you grow big. I also and going to apply 200mg of androderm gel twice a day directly on my penis. What do you guess think. I think this might actually work very well.

As well as the hormone thereapy i am going to continue to jelq and wear my pennimaster for at least 4 hours a day.

What do yall think, this might be something that you might want to try.

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You might want to check out the forum guidlines. Although I can understand what you are writing, some cannot. It’s the rules around here and I agree with them. A few question marks may come in handy as well.

As far as your proposal, I’d say that there is a risk you might over do it. That sounds like way too much for this. I wouldn’t think you would need to make your T level 1000% over your normal level. Sounds a bit dangerous to me.

Start taking “before” pictures of yourself.

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