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Guys, are we missing something? (Olympic 'doping' or chemical PE?)

Guys, are we missing something? (Olympic 'doping' or chemical PE?)

I saw this article in the Swedish newpaper Aftonbladet and it’s about Shawn Merrit a 200 and 400 meter runner who got caught using doping
3 times. His respons was that he was using a drug that contains “DHEA och Pregnelon” and is used for penis enlargement. Personally I’ve never
heard about that, but maybe he knows something that we don’t :-)

The whole article can be read below and has been translated using google translate so don’t be mad at me, but I think you get point anyway.

Wanted to enlarge his penis
- Went there for doping

Olympic champion turned off

The reigning Olympic champion at 400 meters LaShawn Merritt turned off after leaving the three positive doping test.

The 23-year-old American announced through his lawyer that he used a peningsförstoringsmedel(substance for penis enlargement) and did not know that it contained two banned substances.

LaShawn Merritt tested positive on three separate occasions between October and December last year and now in danger of a long shutdown. American announced through his lawyer that he had used a means to enlarge his penis and was unaware that it contains the banned substances DHEA and Pregnelon.

- To know that I have tested positive due to a product I used for personal reasons is extremely difficult to grasp. The punishment I get, whatever it is, still will not outperform the shame and humiliated I feel, “says Merritt.

The American, who won the Olympic 400 m and 2008 World Championships in the same distance last year, said the product was purchased over the counter in a regular store. He says that while he accepts a shutdown during the study.

But the head of the U.S. athletics team do not believe the explanation sprinter.

- I am disgusted by the whole story. He ends his career in disgrace and simultaneously makes himself a joke. His explanation embarrass both him and his teammates. A professional athlete should know better, “said Doug Logan as the AP.

What I have to ask my doctor for :p ? It is safe?.


I don’t think we’re missing anything. I don’t thing DHEA is useful for PE, and Pregnelon seems to be related to progesterone, as best I can deduce; also not useful for PE.

I have no idea why Shawn Merrit took what he took, but if he was indeed taking it for PE, I think he was misled.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

He for sure do some kind of PE. Saying that shit was a clue, noone talks about PE generally :p .


Couldn’t he come up with a better excuse? Obviously he is doing some kind of PE but couldn’t he just say he was trying to ward off prostate cancer or grow a better mustache or treat seasonal affective disorder? To make a public announcement that you weren’t trying to run faster just make your dick longer is unusual. I saw a message board on the news for this and it was all about small penis jokes. Wow that must be embarassing. If I ever get caught with a box of cable clamps, silicone sheaths, heating pads and clear cylinders there’s gonna be a great excuse like “I was just building a time machine.”. And of course if I really did build a time machine I would use it to go back and start PE 15 years ago so I’d have a huge penis by now.

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