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Green Tea?


You decaffinate food/drink with benzene which is cancerous. They probably remove enough or all of it afterwards, but you can never be sure.

I would rather drink freash green tea as it does not contain a lot of caffein(anything at all?), it does however have som tein(correct term?) which has some of the same effects as caffein.

Anyway the total health benefit is great, because little or no caffein and all the other stuff in the tea is very healthy (anti oxidants).

Just eat and drink healthy to optimize your sexual health, looking for super erection results from green tea is like believing in penis pills.

And by the way, do you get a better erection when you are alone?

If yes: I think you’re thinking to much about your penis in stead of enjoying the sex.

If no: See the doctor.

Dude if you can get those 100% throbbing erections, try kegeling intensely during them. Amazing…

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

I’m 22 years old and no longer suffer from any ED, but a few years ago due to lack of sleep, proper nutrition, and cigarette smoking, I did. Try eating a spinach salad with lunch, folate increases blood flow, you can also get folic acid from orange juice. You are right about the Pom. Juice, very good antioxidant, you might also want to try blueberries or acai juice. When I added an Omega-3 supplement to my supplements I noticed a great improvement to my Flaccid and an overall better feeling erection. Get some sleep too if you aren’t, I know how it is staying up late playing video games or watching TV and then waking up early for school, six hours, minimum. The green tea is great by the way and Kingpole has it right taking the green tea supplement for the EGCG, I just drink the Arizona brand and haven’t noticed any negative effects from that much caffeine.

Restart PE - 05/07: 7 3/8" BPEL, Mid-Shaft EG 5 3/16"

Now - 8/18/07: 7 7/8" BPEL, Mid-Shaft EG 5 9/16"

Goal: 9" BPEL, Mid-Shaft EG 6 3/4"

Great advice guys, I’m really noticing a difference in my erections now after cleaning up my diet, adding ginko, ginseng, fish-oil, and a multi-vitamin, those things alone have given me better erections and I have an exercise plan that involves 3-4 days a week of weight lifting followed by 20 minute HIIT cardio training (fast paced sprint kind of work) so I can’t wait to see how that helps to. You guys are great and I love this place

Starting Measurements (2/27/07): BPEL-5.3" EG-4"

Current: BPEL - 6.25'' EG '' 4.5''

Long Term Goal: BPEL- 7" EG-5"

Nice to hear everything is improving.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life


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