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Foods for Your Diet that Promote Penis Growth

Foods for Your Diet that Promote Penis Growth

Here is a rough draft of a list of foods that I have researched through the internet to be beneficial for: penis growth, blood circulation, and aphrodisiacs. Please add any that I may have missed. I would like to see how implementing these foods into my diet will affect penis growth and EQ.

ginseng gingko biloba Maca watermelon
onions bananas broccoli yogurt fennel seeds
dark chocolate/cacao honey eggs garlic
figs dates spinach strawberries cloves green tea
oatmeal saffron pomegranate avocado black raspberries
figs ginger turmeric raisins asparagus brussels sprouts
chick peas pork beef chicken blue berries celery
kale chia seeds flax seeds hemp seeds coconut oil
acerola cherris red chili peppers cayenne pepper

L-arginine foods: tuna, mackerel, salmon, herring, turkey, chicken, lentils, seeds, and nuts

Zinc: pumpkin seeds, oysters, beans, sunflower seeds, and liver

brazil nuts: 1 brazil nut has 100 percent of your daily dose of selenium which can increase your blood circulation

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Moderate consumption of alcohol should be good for the heart. Articles didn’t pointed to blood flow but I would guess that it helps.

Beer and red wine are on the top of the list.

By the way, where’s the olive oil?!
You can’t grow without it!

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A heart healthy diet is good for your heart because it is good for blood flow and for the same reason is good for your penis. So make that the basis for making your meals.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Originally Posted by Willsong4
Maca watermelon onions broccoli dark chocolate/cacao honey eggs garlic spinach strawberries green tea oatmeal avocado turmeric asparagus brussels sprouts chick peas pork beef chicken blueberries celery kale flax seeds coconut oil cayenne pepper seeds and nuts
pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds

I take all of this on a regular basis. A few other things that I take regularly that might be helping me is Type II Collagen derived from chicken bone broth and Aloe Vera juice which is great for repairing your digestive tract. Having a healthy digestive tract is paramount because you are what you eat but if you’re only digesting half of what you eat then you are half of what you eat. Collagen and Aloe Vera is great for digestive health and I also take Braggs apple cider vinegar, acidophilus, and acacia fiber to ensure I am absorbing as much of the vitamins and nutrients in my food as possible. Fasting also allows the digestive tract some downtime during which it goes into repair mode.

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“You have to take seriously the notion that understanding the universe is your responsibility, because the only understanding of the universe that will be useful to you is your own understanding.” ~ Terence McKenna

Has anyone tried shilajit and had any effects?

I’ve heard that watermelon has viagra like effects?

Watermelon does provide a plumping effect. I wish watermelon juice was more available.


I have been taking shilajit for a few years on and off.
If I’m not taking any multi minerals;I find that when I am taking the shilajit I get morning wood ( strong hard upon waking.)

When I go off of Shilajit I find my morning erections are less hard and less frequent.

If when I am off that Shilajit I take a good quality multi mineral liquid supplement; my morning erections return more frequently and are often more firm.

Shilajit and or multi minerals do make a difference and help, however, there are times that shilajit can be expensive if you’re on a budget, also make sure if you go on the internet to buy some that you purchase it from a reputable dealer.
The reason I mention Shilajit and minerals together is that I suspect the Shilajit contains minerals and trace elements which may be the active compounds that produce the results.
I have also found that a healthy lifestyle, a good diet and the right amount of sleep has similar effects.
Hope this is helpful

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