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Does L Arginine really helps for bigger flaccid?


I started L-Arginine 5 days ago and have since experienced an increase in erection frequency. The more erections I get daily, the bigger my flacid hang. So to answer your question from my experience, maybe.

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My L-Arginine supplementation is an informal experiment that I would not even mention if I were not keeping a log. So far, supplementation correlates to an increase in erection frequency.

Even the more formal literature I examined corroborates my initial self-reported findings. A meta analysis by the University of Michigan reports that “L-arginine supplementation has been shown to increase blood flow in healthy individuals at rest” [1]. Even the US National Institute of Health reports its “possible effectiveness” for increasing sexual function in men [2].

BigBootyFan suggested that I should cycle the supplement, but I’m skeptical (respectfully) about the need. Nowhere did I find any reference to the body’s adaptation to L-Arginine which would necessitate cycling the supplement. Does that mean that the self-reported evidence on ThundersPlace suggests L-Arginine’s effectiveness in increasing sexual function diminishes with time?


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How much l arginine are you taking and what brand?

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Originally Posted by Crashy1243
How much l arginine are you taking and what brand?

Every person’s body is different and what works for one person will probably work differently (if at all) for another. Do your diligence and research, ensure that you do not have any conditions contraindicating L-Arginine supplementation, and do not take conflicting medications or supplements as outlined on the NIH’s website.

That said, I take 3000 to 4000 mg a day spaced out, Rite Aid brand.

Originally Posted by BigBootyFan
Here’s q&a from some doctors:


This forum links some studies:…71&pagenumber=1

The first study on the bodybuilding website [1] lists L-Arginine tolerance as a possible reason to explain disagreement between their study and other studies. Quote: “The discordance between the results of the present study and those of previous work might be explained by the fact that the present study was of longer duration. Perhaps counterregulatory mechanisms are activated in response to prolonged administration of the NO precursor.” This was not an experimental result, just a hypothesis proposed at the end of an experiment to try to explain their findings.

The second study [2] relates the findings of intravenous administration of L-Arginine, not oral administration. This study found increase in serum prolactin after injection of L-Arginine which began to subside as soon as injection stopped, and tapered off over the next 60 minutes. I can’t begin to guess how this relates to oral administration.

Overall, the first article suggests tolerance buildup, but does not try to prove it. Regardless, it indirectly suggests the importance of cycling supplements. Thanks BigBootyFan!


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L Arginine comes in pill form? Always used it as a powder.

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Yes it does.

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