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Closing down all the generic drug web sites/and finding open sites for generic drugs

The is a mess, don’t go near them for the moment. Their payment system is screwed. When I finally got a payment through I got no verification from them but I did from the 3rd party payment company. Now they claim they never got the payment (which I do believe as the ordering was a bit dodgy when I did get through I was going back and forward a bit). I have contacted the payment company but have no reply yet.

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P.M. me and I will get you in touch with someone in India to help you out. pup

Hey Pup

If your selling anything lay it out right here or your not long for the forum, we don’t take kindly to our members being spammed

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Hey Dino no problem I am not spamming the e-mail address of the guy is .I read the rules and didnt want to put it out because i didnt want to look like I was selling.This guy is my supplier

since the demise of make no money from this just trying to help out tell him that pup sent you in the e-mail and he will know what your looking for,he has silagra and tadalfil(cialis) silagra 100 m.g. is $1.50 and tadalfil 20 m.g. is $2.50.He does charge shipping.Drawback is he was using allresell for payment (they charge $8.00 per transaction)he has moneybookers and can do pay thru they are part of paypal.Hope this helps it has me with the demise of all the indian sites going down with pay issues.I too ordered from one of the other generic sites and never recieved my order.Another beauty of this guy is there is no quantity limits.Sorry if it seemed like spam Dino I’m just trying to help out fellow p.e.ers.Oh by the way his name is Pugal.


That’s cool bro, does this guy charge a fee for being the middle man or does he just make money on the product.


I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I Don’t know I guess he probably gets it dirt cheap in India and marks it up.A business aquaintance of mine

buys rugs in I ndia and he says the place is like dirt poor.

also look at they sell generic viagra also they are pricey but have excellent service.they are based in costa rica and ship from mexico,but the product is indian of course.The last time I checked the sit was completely gone,they no longer had the message that they would be back soon.

I used genegra in the past also, and went to reorder today and found them gone. Came here looking. Thanks for the info here. Tried erectionshop today, and will give an update when the product hopefully arrives.

I also went back to google, and tried searching with the Indian Generic terms: Silagra, Caverta, Kamagra, Edegra and came up with ALOT of hits. You may want to keep that in mind when these current sites go down


Let us know how it works out, the service and the product…..thanks

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Why are all these sites going down?Or who is behind it?

They go down due to loss of payment processor or for doing business poorly. Also for distributing very low priced pills to the USA which can’t compete.

What I dont understand is all these USA based pharmacies selling generic viagra for 30 pills for 100 dollars are getting it manufactured overseas anyways. I guess its just another one of those american monopoly plans. The US pharmacies probably buy it for $1.50 a pill and jack up the price and sell it to other americans for really high and then get upset when the source tries to sell it to the US for that same wholesale price.

Ive bought many times from overseas for really cheap prices and I know I will NEVER buy off a US based generic pharmacy unless I know its being made in the US. Otherwise Im just ripping myself off.

Obviously got shut down because they were distributing at low prices and the u.s. couldn’t compete,because they had excellent service.

Ya the US is messed up like that. Everything they do is a contridiction.

Its not okay for US citizens to buy cheap viagra directly from the source. It is okay for Mega Sites to purchase cheap viagra from that same source and distribute it out for like 3-7 dollars a pill!. To me thats crap. Most of these american based sites I see on the net sell 30 pills for 95-130 bux. When I ask them where they manufacture the pills, they say over seas.

Some other cheap generic sites get shut down for doing shady business. Like they have a website that is supposed to sell only cheap generic viagra/cialis. Lets say someone sends em an email asking for Vicodin, Percocets or Ketamine or Roids. They ship those products out to that person and get themselves shut down.

If I was Pfizer, I would shut down every site that sold generic viagra…after all you are infringing their intellectual property rights (patent on the drug).


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