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Closing down all the generic drug web sites/and finding open sites for generic drugs

Thanks for posting the new site berreta, let me know how it goes for the rest of you guys

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One more thing about the Mondec/ site: I was not home when this shipment arrived. The mailman just left it in my mailbox. I don’t know if anyone else has had these results with this company, but that is nice! Don’t have to go to the post office for this one! The orders I got from I had to sign for or go to the post office and sign for there. Anyone get anything from that site yet?? Their prices are even a little better than Mondec/erectionshop. Just wondering if they are a scam or not. Keep us posted!! Also, we have to keep this thread going. The users of these forums deserve the opportunity to get this stuff cheaper than the US based rip-off sites! We need to stick together! Take care guys.

Thanks for the updates, Beretta, and the PM. I’m going to order from the Mondec/erectionship site tonight. The disclaimer on the cheapest-generic-viagra site scares me also. Anybody receive an order from them??

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Also, guys, check this out:

Apparently most drugs, unopened, retain their potency for at least 5 years after their expiration date, and some for much, much longer (like 25 or 30 years). Stocking up on the cheap Viagra while it’s still available online might make sense.

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I have opened up a referral web site to generic and genuine viagra/cialis levitra and medicines. Once the consultation is payed ($50US for viagra and $20US for medicines.. cross overs from viagra to meds is free), you will have access to my database to be able to purchase medicines at wholesale prices. My cheapest supplier for genuine viagra at the moment is $11 per pill. My cheapest supplier for generic viagra will sell 88 pills for $130. Generic Cialis goes 30 pills for $84 and free shipping, I will also give you access codes to get a 10% discount from that supplier.

Also with every consultation payed I will ship to you a free 4x100MG pack of silagra and give you discounts to some of my suppliers to compensate for the referral fee.

My suppliers carry many FDA approved medicines for wholesale as well.

If anyone is interested in this please send me a PM and I’ll answer your questions the best I can.

Originally Posted by Beretta92
Has anybody read the “legal disclaimer” link on that site? Great prices, best out there right now, but the disclaimer worries me. It says that you are paying for a referral to a site that will sell you the stuff, etc. Does anyone know if that is true?? I would order from them in order to stock up even though I have an order coming from another site. I just want to know if anybody knows the deal with this site first. Trigger- you have to keep us posted as to your experience with this site. Also, I can’t find a phone number on that site. Take care guys!

My order never went through. I got an email telling me this and I tried again, a few days every week. Finally I think it went through today. I had never read the disclaimer but I think/hope it is just legal loophole stuff. I got the link over at MOS where stillwantsmore was raving about the site and got stuff no problems. He then said they don’t ship to the US anymore. Many tried to order at MOS but the payment system keeps crashing.

I’ll let you know if the order went through and when it arrives.

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Thanks for the update. Those prices look great, and I hope we can get some orders in before they get shut down too! Please keep us posted as to your experience with this site. Using a credit card, Platinum or similar, at least you have some recourse in case it doesn’t work out. Remember the Mondec/erectionshop site is shipping as recently as a week or two ago also, as a backup. Take care guys!


Did you order Fincar from that website?

Originally Posted by Dino9X7
I just ordered Finasteride 5mg from Angels site…


Yeah I got it and several emails they were excellent and the stuff is good it’s been about a month I would say and I can already see my hair getting thicker. It took less than two weeks to get here. I’m going to order more soon just in case they stop shipping.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


Are you breaking up the tablets into 4’s? And what what you say the shelf life is? Lastly, have you had any adverse side affects using it?




Yeah I break them in fours and at first I did notice I was less horny I could perform with no problems but I wasn’t thinking about sex all the time but I think I’m back to almost normal now. I tell you it was easier to get shit done. If I don’t feel 98% normal by the time I order I will order the 1mg size from now on which would suck because the 5mg is such a great deal. Let me know how it works for you and if it lowers your sex drive.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


I placed an order for the 5mg tablets lastnight. I just got an email today saying that they were shipped.

I will keep you posted!

Hey guys,

I forgot to post that my erectionshop/mondec pills arrived in only 2.5 weeks (!), and I didn’t even have to sign for the delivery. I haven’t tried a pill yet, but this company seems excellent.

Anybody get anything from yet?

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I believe that website you mentioned is on the verge of being shut down due to loss of payment processor. Im not 100% sure but I believe so. is where some of the guys that lift weights go for cialis or viagra after their cycles

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