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Body building pros (Dianabol pills)


Body building pros (Dianabol pills)

You see, I know nothing about Steroids except that they are bad.

My coach maid me a new training program. He told me you should take Dianabol pills, and how good they are and what they will do. I asked if there would be any side effects.
He said If over used yes. He told me something about retention of the water inside the body. Didn’t sound serious, and by the way, he didn’t tell me they were steroids.

So I said OK and he said he’ll bring me some (100 pills for about 27 US dollers). The next day I paid him and asked some more questions and if they are safe?
Yes he said if you follow the amount I give you.

I go back to my apartment and check for my self what the hell will I be taking. I was surprised. The pills where steroids and the shit I read scared me. but maybe I’m wrong and they are good!

So thats why I’m asking you guys.Tell me what do you think should I take them or should I return them?
Are they OK to take? or are they big No No’s ?


I know nothing about Dianabol. Is your coach a medical doctor with experience in steroids? Did he have you do a pre-pill physical with blood work?

Always do your own reserch before taking anything! You did, so good job. Oh, and don’t trust your coach anymore.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Well I dont know if my post will get deleted or at the very least flamed. But here it goes.

I don’t know how long he told you to use the Dbol but you shouldn’t use it over 4 weeks. Dbol should not be used alone either. You should always run some type of testosterone with any steroid you do. Run the dbol the first 4 weeks and the test from 8 to 12 weeks. Most people who use dbol use it as a jumpstart into a cycle because its a fast acting oral, while the test takes up to 4 weeks to kick in.

If you use Dbol alone you probly wont keep your gains from it. You could keep some but not much. The amount you keep you could get without doing roids just by working out harder and getting on a really good bulking or lean muscle diet.

check out this website here :

Check out the questions on the board and do some searchs and read the PCT part of the website and forum.
Post Cycle Therapy is very important.

And what kinda coach gives his players roids lol ;p

Methanedienone or Methandrostenolone (Dianabol, Anabol, Naposim, etc) is a class II steroid in the USA.

I fell that steroids of any kind are the wrong way to go. The links below are from sites/guys that do not share my view on this but are knowledgeable on the topic.

Lol, strike2 just posted before me so I removed my third link from above. Everything I have just read says it is intended as part of a stack, shouldn’t be used for more than 4 weeks, and isn’t even that effective as steroids go.

Remember it is your body and you will pay the price if you screw up. Educate your self on this stuff forwards and backwards, and make your own decisions.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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Thanks Guys.

I returned them and asked more questions. Didn’t buy what he said after what I read.

He also said something very interesting. ( A car doesn’t work with out fuel, Body building doesn’t work with out steroids ).

Don’t think thats true anyway.

Thanks again


Hmm strange coach, kinda shady. Bodybuilding is 80% diet. If you eat the right foods get enough caloires, portien and fats you will gain with a good workout plan. Then combine that with the right amount of rest.

Strike2 is right.

If I remember, Dbol was developed in Russia as a way to help POW’s gain their weight back faster. At least this is what I remember researching. It has a very short half life meaning you should split your dosage into increments to be taken throughout the day. Maybe 4 times.

Dbol should not be taken alone. It usually is taken with some other steroid in order jumpstart gains because “test” takes longer to kick in. Arnold Swartz is quoted,”Dianabol is the breakfast of champions.”

If you do decide to take steroids, read up on them and have the correct meds on hand in case you experience any side efffects. (like your boobs begin to get sensitive)

Hope this helps.

How old are you?

I’m not a fan of dbloat. Gains are hard to keep.

Thanks, Strike2 mmac.

Sure you can gain with a diet, but the thing is, The kind of gains.

With diet you will gain muscle and some fat if you were massing with steroids you gain Lean muscle, big muscles, massive muscles and fast.
I’m not saying that steroids are good, Hell No. I’m just saying that with a diet gaining such a body with zero fat and tons of muscle is harder and limited.

I don’t need that kind of body anyway.

UlcasterDropout, I’m 20.

Natural is virtues


Originally Posted by Rrrockyyy
UlcasterDropout, I’m 20.

If you’re done growing, then I guess. The target age to start is 25.
I would advise against it, cus you don’t know shit, and neither does this coach.

If you are Estrogen sensitive, you’re gonna bloat like a pig…Like I did.
Dbloat is a quick muscle builder, but muscle gained fast, is lost fast.
If you keep 20% of those gains, I’ll be amazed…

It’s your life…

If you make up your mind, and going to do this. PM me!
I’ll tell you what you need to know and where to find me when I’m not here.

Thanks UlcasterDropout.

Steroids are out for good. I see good muscle gains with protein.



Originally Posted by Rrrockyyy
Thanks UlcasterDropout.

Steroids are out for good. I see good muscle gains with protein.


Wise. Don’t jump into anything this dangerous, expeditiously.
I’m not saying to swear off anabolics forever, but I am saying learn
the facts and don’t put your life in a coach’s hands, because he wants to win games.
Giving young men Methandrostenolone without anti-Estrogens, PCT, or any blood testing
is nothing short of ludicrous. This cock sucker needs his face bashed in…

Sorry, he’s just a kid. His bone plates aren’t even fused yet.

Makes me sick…

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