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5 days at a rock gig so what about pe and body building

5 days at a rock gig so what about pe and body building

Ok I don’t think I can post in other forums yet so I was hoping someone will answer hear.I’m going to donnington rock festival to see black sabbath e.t.c in June.ill be camping over for 3 nights plus the day I went and the night I come that means no pe or bodybuilding for 5 days.will my gains be ok and will a break from pe be ok and iv been bodybuilding for the last month eating 6 small meals a day,I’m not bulking I just want to be athletic I can’t weight lift but what about eating the 6 meals. I was thinking about buying mrps shakes and bars for 3 of the meals a day,would that be ok.don’t know what ill eat the rest of the time because it’ll be crappy food selling at the gig.

I think a few days off of working out & PE will be good for you. Rest helps you recover. You won’t lose anything in a week, muscle or dick. Even if you gain some fat from drinking & eating garbage, it won’t have much time to stick so it will be easy to work off.

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Yeah, what he said. Don’t sweat it too much.


Yep, you have been going strong for 6 months. Taking a week of and going crazy will actually be a good thing, shake your body up a bit.

Back in the day you could go to a 3 day Black Sabbath fest and just whip it out and PE where ever you felt like it. Hell they would probably have you up on stage.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

These advices are all good.

This break will most help you out than make it for the worse.

I would advise you not to go. If you stop peing your unit will shrink even smaller then when you first started. Stay home and send me your tickets for the rock concert.

Originally Posted by Big Shooter

If you stop peing your unit will shrink even smaller then when you first started.

Actually Shooter, that’s only true if you listen to Black Sabbath’s music backwards. You also turn into a serial killer.

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