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Anyone Tried Aspire36

i’m going to give this stuff a go too.. will report back after i’ve tried it.

Me too -I like to try new shit!

I tried it and doesn’t really work as good as Viagra and cialis; but some people swear by it and report good feedback over at I have two pills left, shoot me a pm if you want them.

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i got mine but havent tried it yet.. will probably try this weekend.. buy my gf is gone so i’ll be solo.

I gave Aspire36 a shot after reading this thread, nothing short of amazing. My hardons were harder and lasted longer than ever before in my life, only side effect was a slight headache. Effect lasted for a good 30 hours. Definitely worth a shot for the trial sample, I plan on ordering more in the future.

ugh… 2 hours after taking it all i have is a bad headache and a flushed, hot face…

So here’s the deal, I didn’t have sex on it because my GF is out of town.. But I noticed a few things:

I can get hard really easily on this.. Like if I look at my dick and tell it to get hard it pretty much does.. If I touch myself I’m hard in like 10 seconds.. If I walk down the hallway with my cock rubbing my jeans I get a semi.. Also after masturbating my dick stays hard for like 5 minutes, this never happens with me.. My cock is also really hot like my face has been, guess it’s all the blood. I had really sexual dreams last night and woke up with a semi.. And I hardly ever wake up with morning wood.

Side effects I noticed:

Headache. Have had it ever since I took it about 20 hrs ago.
Sinus pain and pressure.
Watery, itchy eyes
Extremely hot/flushed face.. Lasted about 6 hours after I took it but a bit better today.
Dry mouth
Felt like I had an object lodged in my throat

I really just feel like I have a cold/allergies

So this stuff def. Does something, I will have sex on it next time I take it. I wouldn’t say it’s good or bad, maybe next time I take it the side effects will be less.

Back in the 90’s, some supplement companies spiked their products with oral steroids: undetectable, very damaging to the liver.

If I were a penis pill manufacturer, and I wanted to spike my product with V or C, I wonder what quality V/C I would use?


The side effects you guys are describing are all the same as those for the major Rx sex drugs. Please, please, be very careful with this stuff.

Also consider pricing a bulk purchase of the various Rx’s to compare to this stuff. My guess is they are using Vardenafil, (Levitra), based on the mid range duration of effect. Whichever: you can get V, C, or L for much cheaper than this stuff and you will know what you are taking and how much.

For example, you can get Tadalafil, (Cialis), for $8.40 per gram. With a standard dose being 10mg you get 100 doses per gram. Air Sealed - Bulk Tadafil Powder

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I don’t know what we need to be careful about? It’s not like I was going to die when I took it..

And you can get Viagra and Cialis for cheaper than $2.50 a pill? That’s how much aspire was.

Originally Posted by piratetime
I don’t know what we need to be careful about? It’s not like I was going to die when I took it..

And you can get Viagra and Cialis for cheaper than $2.50 a pill? That’s how much aspire was.

If they are spiking the stuff with Rx. drugs and not telling you it would be possible to die from interactions with other things. Cialis has a duration of 36 hours. As far as cost goes, read my post above and do the math. A single dose, purchased in bulk, will run you $0.084

Running a Massive Co-Front.

This stuff does rule.. I get hard at the drop of a hat and my erections are a lot harder than normal.. Still haven’t boned on it yet though.

Last batch I got was weaker that previous bottles. However I am currently doing some dietary/lifestyle changes that may have made it appear weaker.

How much is it? $2.50 a pill? And how many doses per pill?

I was getting 100 mg Kamagra (generic viagra) from india a few years back for less than $2.00 and I got 4 25 mg doses. I would sometimes take 50 mg but 100 mg almost hurt. Over kill. And is kitsandmore gone??? <crying

Im running out, and looking, but it sounds like International orders are risky even with the good companies. I got my info here.…ds.php/ubb/cfrm

So Im looking for alternatives. Or a link to thread with good info.

Originally Posted by iamaru

I would not be at all surprised if they have spiked it with V/C/whatever.


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