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Air Sealed - Bulk Tadafil Powder


Air Sealed - Bulk Tadafil Powder

Has any one ever ordered from this Company, if so what was the service like and the quality of the product. I’ve tried ordering from Elite - payment is made by veripayment and they have my credit card blocked because 7 months ago I never received a shipment from another supplier so they credited my card and now have blocked it - how fucking stupid - so I thought I would try airsealed as they don’t appear to be set up with veripayment.

I bought some liquid levitra from them. The quality is mediocre, ( or perhaps I just don’t respond well to it), but the service was pretty good. Hope this helps.

Yea, levitra is “suptle”!

Haven’t had no ordering history with Airsealed.

I went ahead and ordered from airsealed, product should arrive on or around the 22nd of this month. Sent money via western union which was fast and painless, pricing is unbeatable - $66.00 for 10grams of tadafil which included shipping. Hopefully quality will be there. I will let you know how delivery goes and the quality of the product is when it arrives.

Please do keep us informed as to quality gram40. At that price, if it’s half as good as elitenet products, it’s still a hell of a buy.

That’s what I’m thinking, so will keep you posted.

Recieved the goods today, probably won’t try it until tommorrow as I just took a dose of the remaining Liquid C I have left, I may just finish that before I mix any of this stuff up, that way when I mix it I will somewhere to put it - in the old Liquid C bottle from kitsnmore. Looks like a real fine white powder - could be fucking icing sugar for all I know, anyway will keep you posted.

I am going to go off topic. I remember reading some threads about someone looking for a scale. I am sure it will be useful for weighing your powder though.


I don’t remember if I got this website from someone on this forum or some other forum but they have other supplements also.

Well I mixed a batch last night used 20 ml vodka to 1/2 teaspoon powder and works great , just like the kitsnmore. I paid 84.00 for 10 grams and that included the charge from western union - hard to beat.

I’m thinking about placing an order for the bulk Tadafil powder with airsealed. Does anyone else have any experience with this powder, or with ordering any other product from airsealed? Gram40, are you still happy with the product, now that you have had a few days to test drive it?


It is a good price indeed if the quality is par to that of elitenet etc. $84.00 for 10grams plus WesternUnion and shipping charges!

Yes, I’m curious after gram40 has taken it a few times. Please fill us in gram40!

Hey Guys, I find the quality very comparible to the stuff from kitsnmore, I’m waking up with woodys all night and in the morning. Also stays in the system for me anyway 2-3 days. By the way I paid $84.00 including the western union fee. I’m not sure what that works out to per dose but it’s cheap. Not sure how long the raw powder will keep cause I probably have a 2 or 3 yrs supply! But the price is right so what the hell!

How do you go about sending money Western Union? I would like to order some tadalafil.

You will have to look in the yellow pages and find one nearest you, they are all over the place. You order from airsealed and they will ask you if you want to wire money or western union it then give you the directions either way. Western union sends money immediately as wiring can take several days and it’s about 1/2 the cost to western union it. It was a piece of cake, very simple, better than giving your credit card info over the net in my opinion. I’m from Canada and it took about 17 days to arrive, but what the hell look at the price, well worth the wait in my opinion. Good Luck.

Thanks for the information gram40.


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