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Any known supplements for permanent blood vessel growth?

Any known supplements for permanent blood vessel growth?

I’ve been taking Ginkgo, L-arginine,B-complex and Yohimbe Bark(not standardized,but works good).Does anyone know of any supplements that are known to be good for permanent blood vessel growth, I’ve been reading up on some of these and can’t find anything. Anyone have any literature on this subject? Thanks.

keyword: angiogenesis.

I don’t know any supplements for it but I remember reading oxygen starvation can stimulate it. Don’t remember any more than that.

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I doubt if there is such a thing. If there was, it would basically be the cure for cardiovascular diseases. Invent it and you will be rich.

Tube, thanks for the info but angiogenesis is, from what I read, more about new blood vessels being grown by the body due to disease(cancer, heart and necrosis of tissues, etc.) although the oxygen starvation before necrosis is probably feasible but too dangerous to try. My thinking I guess was more along the lines of the blood vessels staying in the dilated state from the supplemental stimulation over a period of time; say months or years of continued use. Basically the vessels would strengthen in their dilated state and that would be their new size. Wishful thinking I guess,maybe one day.

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