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Blood Vessel or Vein?

Blood Vessel or Vein?

I do dryjelqs since a few weaks and they are for me very good. My penis is after jelqing thicker than before and my glans gets huge. But I had since years on the right side of my penis a thick blood vessel or vein and trough jelqing it gets thicker than before. It’s not always visible, but especially after an orgasm and when my foreskin is not pulled back.

I think the blood vessel or vein is visible on the pics I posted in my first thread. If I pull my foreskin back it’s at the base.

Is there something I can do to stop that or to minimize it?

Is the vein hard or soft when you touch it? If it is soft, it is not a problem, even if it is growing in size. If it is hard, then the jelqing may be leading to thrombosis, and you should probably take time off until it softens, then start jelqing again at a slower pace.

In any case, there is no way to actually minimize the size of a vein, except to get it cut out by a doctor.

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