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a question about I.U vs. mg omega 3. zaneblue?

a question about I.U vs. mg omega 3. zaneblue?

Yeah, I bought new capsules
1 capsule = 180 I.U. EPA + 120 I.U. DHA.

zaneblue recommends cca. 1700 mg of EPA and 1300 mg of DHA. How does one translate i.u. (international units) to mg?? I’ve googled a bit but can’t find the answer. Freaks with labels…

Well each brand would be different so you’d have to check the label.

My guess, according to those numbers, would be IUs = MGs, but don’t trust me lol.

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Well, it’s imported from USA, it’s called Omega 1000. I’m a little bit skeptic about it too, regarding numbers, I know what you mean.

International Unit (IU) - a point to note!

A unit used to measure the activity (that is, the effect) of many vitamins and drugs.

For each substance to which this unit applies, there is an international agreement specifying the biological effect expected with a dose of 1 IU.

Other quantities of the substance are then expressed as multiples of this standard.

Examples: 1 IU represents 45.5 micrograms of a standard preparation of insulin or 0.6 microgram of a standard preparation of penicillin. Consumers most often see IU’s on the labels of vitamin packages: in standard preparations the equivalent of 1 IU is 0.3 microgram (0.0003 mg) for vitamin A, 50 micrograms (0.05 mg) for vitamin C, 25 nanograms (0.000 025 mg) for vitamin D, and 2/3 milligram for (natural) vitamin E.

Please note: for many substances there is no definite conversion between international units and mass units (such as milligrams). This is because preparations of those substances vary in activity, so that the effect per milligram of one preparation is different from that of another.

Took 5 seconds to google that.

Hey springer, nice avatar image. I googled some sites like this too, this is not the answer I was looking for though. I mean what does it mean 180 I.U.?

I want to know because I’d like to try how that zaneblue’s quantity affects me, if any.

If I don’t get an answer I will just take more and more until I notice some noticeable effects :D .

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