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4AD (Aderm Guinea Pig 2 reporting in.

2 week update:

I seem to have passed 1/8th” of growth, though not yet at the 1/4” ‘goal’ I set to be officially convinced. But then, I still have another week before ending the cycle. Even if I’m not officially convinced, unofficially I am. Always having been a slow gainer before, getting this much (hey, for me it’s a lot) growth off of a lotion is remarkable and then some. Of course, the permanency, safety, and whatnot of the treatment remain unknown.

I have started using the stuff more frequently. The ‘no-wank’ provision is one that I haven’t kept to absolutely. Still not doing any exercises, unless you count the fact that I use jelq strokes to massage the stuff in. Given that jelqing in the past has gotten me results FAR SLOWER than this, and while jelqing with much greater intensity, frequency, and duration, I don’t think you can chalk it up to that. Not that this minuscule amount of jelqing might not be part of the formula, but if it is, then it’s effect is being multiplied many times over.

Found that getting boxers with buttons and hanging my rod out the flap & over the button (having buttoned the flap) seems to work pretty well for the cock/ball separation issue. If you really wanted to find anything to blame my growth on other than the lotion, you could mention that this was producing a slight all-day cockring effect. I’m dubious, but this wouldn’t be a properly fair treatment if I didn’t mention it, would it?

Presuming that I do another cycles of this starting in 3 weeks (That is - one more week on the stuff now, then two weeks off) I’m inclined to add exercise back into the routine. I’ve been leaving it out for the sake of the experiment. Given that the original proponent of the idea that Jones brought to the table, doctor wossname, had been doing exercise & androgel at the same time to get his results, it seems reasonable.

Try to keep it just the gel, for the good of Science.

We await with baited breath.

3 weeks are up (including a couple days tacked onto the end for a couple days I had to take off to visit one of my harem girls. Hey, this stuff is not for ingestion, and blow jobs happen.) - I’m off cycle.

My gains seem to have stopped the day I reported I had passed 1/8” gains, maybe hit 3/16”. So am I unconvinced now? I don’t know. I’ll take the recommended 2 weeks off cycle, and do another cycle. Hey, at 1/8” a month, that’s still 1.5” a year. If that rate is sustainable, it’s pretty darn good for a low effort goop. We shall see.

I did notice one of the board members here mention that he had started gaining again when he cut Vitamin C out of his diet. Small correlation here: about the time I stopped gaining, I had just introduced “Emer’gen’Cs” vitamin C concentrated drinks into my routine diet. 2 of those a day and my dosage was 22 times the recommended minimums. Maybe there’s a correlation. I’ll leave them out the next time that I’m on cycle.


It may be that your recent increase of vitamin C intake has a correlation with your halted gains. Inside of cells of collagenous tissues, Vitamin C hydroxylates molecules of proline and lysine and forms procollagen (which is later assembled into collagen outside of the cell). T and pretty much anything that ups your body’s production of it have an adverse affect on the synthesis of collagen. I guess it is possible that, with high vitamin C intake, you are negating the very thing that may be getting you gains. I am no expert, but if I were the one doing this experiment, I too would cut the vitamin C drinks out for the next cycle (and maybe stay clear of multi-vitamins and anything that contains a high percentage of the RDA/RDI of vitamin C).

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This is me in case you ever want to know what kind of psycho you're dealing with.

How can vitamin C be the problem if helps create procollagen ? You’re saying testosterone has an adverse effect on collagen synthesis ? I don’t understand your reasoning.


More collagen = more difficult to stretch. The lowered rate of collagen synthesis may cause the collagen-based structures in the body to stretch more easily as the rate of cell death outpaces the rate of collagen production …

(note: all of the above is theory and may or may not be the case)

One thing I don’t understand: If someone is going to use this, why not use alpha-androstenediol (instead of androstenediol) which does not convert to estrogen?

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This is me in case you ever want to know what kind of psycho you're dealing with.

Ah. Keep the collagen from rebuilding so it’ll stretch easilier.

I stopped in for a sec. I was wondering about the collagen synthesis myself. I think there is a way to test this. As you grow older, collagen synthesis is lowered dramatically. I wonder if older men gain more than younger ones because of this?

It would be simple and easy to test this theory. From there, we would know what direction to go in.

Cya later guys!!!

Cya, one of the things that got me thinking like that is the fact that, for the most part, I have read that men in their late 20s (the age at which collagen synthesis starts a major decline) and above have more success than men below that age. Of course, some people probably have a naturally low rate of collagen synthesis and would have no problems gaining even at a young age. Conversely, some people whom are older might still have a high rate of collagen synthesis. But generally the trend would be that guys over the age that collagen production slows down would be the best gainers.

BTW, nice to see you at least dropping in bro. :)

New to the place? Start here.

This is me in case you ever want to know what kind of psycho you're dealing with.

Your right, there are many variables in this. But, if you split up gains by age and time then you might end with a picture like the following:
………..3 mon. 6 mon. 9 mon
25-31 …..1/2….1/4……1/4

These would be averages. You could also use the same model with G or total gains (penis volume). I just would like to see if there is a correlation. If there is, you should see this in the graph, even with the variables. Because of the variables, the difference might not be as big as it could be if all things are equal but this being as close as we can get to a closed environment, it will have to do.

I have to go again. See you guys later. I might be on again this weekend.

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Just had an idea:

Apply the 4ad to penis, place condom over penis and pump with penis pump…it would seem to me that pumping would open up the pores and get the gunk to sink in… not a scientific thought at all but hey.

Course…then you would be in doubts as to whether the 4ad is getting it bigger or just the pumping, or maybe the condom was made from radioactive latex



Just wondering deSol. What is your LOT?

And is the cycle SUPPOSED to be 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off?

Makes me wonder what would the side effects be if you don’t take the 2 weeks off.

Jones originally suggested 3 weeks on, 2 weeks off. The dosage is lower than the bottle suggests, thanks to the fact that you can’t rub that much (5 to 10 squirts) into a penis. Well, most of us on this forum don’t have that much surface area, anyway.

I think the fear with not taking two weeks off is that you’ll throw your body’s own hormonal cycles and production off.

…and I never did know what LOT stood for. Care to clear that one up for me?

Loss Of Tugback

Corresponds to the angle (of your penis) at which no tugback occurs when you do a kegel. When you’re stretching and there’s no tugback, you’d be stretching your suspensatory ligaments.

Where are you now Del Sol?


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