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2011 Update on Chemical PE


2011 Update on Chemical PE

What is the current update on this?

On, it no longer says anything about penis lengthening at all! Does that mean Dr. Adams no longer does this?

Where is everybody? Can I please get a quick reply.

What’s the difference between this thread or yours and this other?
- Chemical PE Canada

Do you know that cross posting is forbidden by the Forum Guidelines?

yeah i should probably get one or the either deleted by the mods, i would do it myself but don’t have the ability.

AMT in Toronto no longer does the procedure.

Looks like I will have to either make my own mix or go to NYC.

Is there a clinic in NYC? What are you talking about?

Boston Medical Group does a similar procedure.

Have you spoken to them? They do erectile dysfunction I thought. Do they have a specific program for penis enlargement?

talk to baywatch


Originally Posted by marinera
What’s the difference between this thread or yours and this other?
- Chemical PE Canada

Do you know that cross posting is forbidden by the Forum Guidelines?

I tried to click that link but says i restricted got any clue hwy?

oh and if any one wants to explain to me what chemical pe is I would be grateful its the second time iv heard of it

the 1st was here long time ago a guy here was putting roid cream on his unit I have not a clue what happened though

Originally Posted by New2This
I tried to click that link but says i restricted got any clue hwy?

I think threads were merged.

PS: Please apply the Forum Guidelines about grammar and spelling before some nazigrammar active moderator yells at you.

I just joined Thunder’s about a week ago. This is my first post on any PE forum.

I had made arrangements to relocate to Buffalo from the Midwest about six years ago, so that I could give Dr Adams’ protocol a try. I had work lined up and was all ready to move in one month when, Adams’ staff informed me that due to a change in his insurance, Dr Adams could no longer accept patients from the U.S. I was also told that this could change at any time and to keep checking back. Over the years I would call in every few months but I kept being told that there was no change. That is until about two and a half years ago when I was informed that he was no longer offering the protocol at all, even to Canadians.

Over the years I got the impression from his staff that Adams actually seemed to be distancing himself from the program, but I may have been misinterpreting what I was hearing. Over the past two years or so I have tried convincing a number of physicians and media people to investigate the Adams method / patent application and see if they thought there was anything to it. The only person I could ever get to take any interest is an M.D. Named Kevin Pezzi. Dr Pezzi seemed like a nice, if rather eccentric guy ( and really, who am I to talk ) even though his politics are waaayyy to the right of my own. I don’t know all of the details but supposedly, Pezzi tried to convince Dr Adams to open up to the media about his supposed successes during his years of treating patients with this method and really start marketing the damned thing. Especially after he finally had been granted the patent. Dr Adams however, apparently refused to even acknowledge any of Dr Pezzi’s enquiries.

About 2-2 1/2 months ago I contacted Dr Adams’ office again. I decided to make my first post on this thread because I saw that KingdomCome recently had been given the same pitch that I had. It’s odd but we actually seem to have contacted Dr Adams’ clinic at virtually the same time. I wish that I could remember the exact date I called, so that I would know which one of us got that $1000 consult pitch first. I strongly got the impression from Dennis, who told me that he was Dr Adams’ office manager, that I was kind of being used to test the water with the $1000 pitch. I was told that this would actually include two consultations with the Doc. At least one was to lay out the basics. I’m not entirely sure but I think the second one was supposed to be some kind of follow up. One of the reasons I got the impression that I might have been getting kind of “felt out” via the $1000 was because Dennis told me to “think very hard and figure out exactly what I would expect from Dr Adams for that price”.

I feel bad because, due to kind of a perfect storm of fucked up shit, it took me about three weeks to get back to Dennis, who told me to channel all correspondence about this through him, at his office email. Unfortunately, along with my “list of requirements”, I also had to tell him that I would need to wait a while, mainly due to some expensive home repairs initiated by that “perfect shit storm” I was telling you about. At this point however, in all honesty, I’m actually more than a little concerned as to whether this would even be a good investment. I absolutely admit that some degree of bitterness may be framing my judgment about this but, I really do believe that Dr Adams could have handled things much better over the past few years.

Here’s a little story. When I first contacted Dr Adams about six years ago, about possibly being treated by him, it went like this: I found his patent application on one of the forums. If there was a link to the clinic’s website I missed it, because I wound up contacting the law firm listed on the patent and they put me in touch with Dr Adams’ clinic. I was actually put on the phone with Dr Adams who was very nice for about ten seconds, until I told him how I had learned of his protocol. He then flew into a rage and actually started making litigation threats if I posted anything about his protocol on any website. ( Is freedom of speech somehow different in Canada?) Also, my phone was kind of acting up and there was some kind of echo. Dr Adams was convinced that this was because I was “tapeing” him for some reason, and this made him angry as well. MY HAND TO GOD, I KNOW HOW CRAZY THIS SOUNDS BUT I SWEAR THAT I AM NOT MAKING A SINGLE WORD OF THIS UP! Anyway, I managed to more or less calm him down and then explained to him that I didn’t actually post on the sites, ( which literally, until tonight was the absolute truth ) that I just went there looking for information. Then, I kind of tried to gently tell him that the cat was already pretty much out of the bag as far as information about his patent application being on PE sites. Anyway, after that I guess things proceeded normally. He told me ( as several of his staff members did later, as well ) that the patient case histories listed under EXAMPLES: on the patent, were very indicative of the general levels of success achieved by his patients over the years, three eighths of an inch per month was the average gain in length experienced, ect. I was absolutely thrilled by what I heard but, really kind of winded by the ride as well, when that conversation ended.

I know that Stagestop and some other fellas, have provided more “warm and fuzzy” descriptions of Dr Adams but, I’m just telling you of what little experience I have had with him. Anyway, from there it was a few months of occasional conversations with his staff, just checking in, while I was getting everything set up. Then, I got the bomb dropped on me about the insurance thing.

Anyway, I think I screwed up again. “How?”, you ask. Let me tell you. In my opinion, it seems that over the past what.six.eight years, that Dr Adams should have been less concerned about protecting his patent and more concerned about helping all of the men who, even if it’s not entirely rational, have egos that are seriously affected by their perceived deficiency in this area. Dr Adams seems to have tried very hard to virtually bury this technique until he can figure out a way to make the most possible money from it. He seems to have been absolutely terrified that if the use of this protocol became widely available before he had all of his legal ducks in a row, that it could place his being granted a patent in jeopardy. Think, in all the years he treated patients with this protocol, he avoided any media exposure like the plague. His staff told me as much. (The people he has had working for him for the past few years are waaayyy more tight lipped than the laid back crew he used to have working for him.) He had his website and a few vague, small adds in local papers. That’s it. He seems to have wanted just enough profile to grow his practice just slightly and that’s it. The first time I called his office I was told that he was still getting most of his PE patients through referrals from other patients.

Okay, back to how I screwed up..

Anyway, in my email response to Dennis, I may have leaned a little harder than I should have on how I felt that Dr Adams should weigh more carefully the question of whether maybe his desire to reap financial rewards was far less important than the psychological welfare of all of the men who could potentially be helped, if his protocol worked as well as he claimed, and those men were actually made aware that it existed. I said that there was a certain moral weight inherent in developing any medical treatment related patent, that separated it from something like say, inventing a faster way to make toast, ESPECIALLY for a doctor.

Now, I’m sure that to some of the guys who post here that may seem like I’m making too big a deal about this but, from what I’ve read here and at MOS and PE GYM over the years, I know that at least some of you get what I’m saying. I mean, I know that being an M.D. In Canada doesn’t always quite have the financial rock star punch that’s more common here in the states, but come on, it’s still a very sweet gig. I can see how maybe my capitalist cred is wearing a little thin here but, please believe me, I want the man to make money. It’s just that when I weigh the true, deep quality of life impact of Dr Adams being able to more easily afford a second home and vacation trips to Europe against some poor bastard’s being too worried about potential embarrassment to walk up to some girl he likes, Doc Adams’ desire for the high life leaves me more than a little cold.

Soooo.anyway, haven’t really heard anything back from Dennis or the Doc. It’s been over a month now and I’ve left a few “Hey, remember me? Should I even bother trying to get in touch with you guys in a couple of months when a bond comes due?” Nothing. I even emailed them that a company called CBL Biopharma now manufactures a form of synthetic Relaxin that they claim on their website is both priced far below industry standards and equal in quality to the “gold standard” that is “recombinant human Relaxin 1 and 2.” IIIIII KNOW!, I was happy too!

Also, I’m reading in places now that he didn’t even actually come up with ANY aspect of the protocol himself? When I spoke to him on the phone I remember him pshawing the notion that he came up with the whole thing on his own. He said that “other people contributed”. But now I read that he just bought the WHOLE THING from other people?? Is this true?? REALLY makes me wish that those guys would have sold out to somebody a whole hell of a lot more more proactive! I mean come on, even if I’m being a little bit hard on his behavior pre-patent.. HE’S ACTUALLY HAD THE DAMNED PATENT GRANTED FOR WELL OVER A YEAR NOW!! Hold a damned press conference for fucks sake. Call some magazine editors. Hire a PR firm. Get some licencing going. WHAT THE HELL IS HE WAITING FOR NOW!! Ought to be trying to get himself a little of that Jes-Extender style press for crying out loud!! BOY, it really feels good to get this off my chest. Thanks Thunders!

Sincerely, your pal Rico.

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