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2011 Update on Chemical PE


Regarding CBL Biopharma’s synthetic Relaxin, turns out that “priced well below industry standards,” still amounts to over three thousand dollars a milligram. Now I’m sorry I even brought it up. For crying out loud, how complicated is peptide chemistry, anyway?? I don’t really know much about recombinant engineering either but, with that at least I get how they have to separate what they want from what they don’t want. Why the hell would relaxin and other proteins / peptides be so damned expensive to produce synthetically? I’ve taken several college level chemistry courses. But, apparently not enough to have any idea why those processes are so complicated / costly.

usernamerick, that’s something called porcine relaxin. The name, I think is vitalxin.

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I am not sure if this is right, but porcine relaxin is supposed to be the same as human relaxin. Still I wouldn’t take relaxin at all for Chemical PE as there are other less risky substances. Unlocking the collagen of the tunica is the aim, prostaglandin e1 supposedly has this effect, but I’ve never seen a study on this relation.

Also cortisol is supposed to have unlinking properties, but I am not sure of this either. Like you, I was hoping to get a treatment in Dr. Adams clinic, because no matter what, Chem PE is a risky endover to do without professional guidance. Thats when I started the “Dr. Adams stopped chem pe” thread.

Is that contact you had with him true as you tell it? Because Dr. Adams talks personally on the phone only for a consultation fee, thats what the receptionist told me!

Yes, every word of that posting is true. This was around six years ago however. I have kind of gotten the impression over the years that his clinic was a lot more laid back at that time, than it has been in recent years. I spoke with his staff several times after that conversation, around that same time, and they were always very forthcoming and open, probably even to the point of being somewhat unprofessional, but I certainly wasn’t going to complain. I actually found the lack of formality extremely pleasant. Although, I imagine that Dr Adams probably would have been less than thrilled at the easygoing flow of information going on, had he been more aware of it. And yeah, it certainly hasn’t been that way for the past several years.

I want to say that, although my talk with Dr Adams wound up going rather roughly that day, other people, such as Stagestop, describe Dr Adams as being a very nice, personable guy, so maybe I just caught him on a bad day or something? He actually seemed fine until I told him where and how I learned of his practice. I strongly got the impression that this was the first he had heard about his patent application’s presence on the forums.

What I find really troubling is, what I cannot help but see as the extreme level of inactivity on his part, related to making the existence of the impressive effectiveness of this protocol, as supposedly proven through his many years of treating patients with it, more widely publicised. At this point ,what is he still waiting for?

I think if I were Dr Adams, you’d have a similar response.

The first time you talked to him, you told him you knew about his work because its being passed around on free PE websites by people trying to duplicate his efforts. People who aren’t paying him for those efforts. Which he clearly is trying to capitalize on, that’s the reason people usually work. He is automatically gonna assume that you are trying to get any information you can from the consult, and clam up. And of course he would be royally pissed off that his ideas are being reposted on the net without his knowledge and permission.

But then, after lurking around for six years you’re told that they can think about taking you on as a patient, and you respond by telling the doctor off. You think its his moral obligation? Tell that to anyone, in any profession, and at best you’ll be politely ignored. You have no idea how much time and or money he has invested in developing this idea, and you also don’t know what kind of legal hurdles he still has to get over to offer it to the public. I don’t know what you do for a living, so just pretend you’re in construction. Its like if somebody tried to tell you you should build houses because people deserve a place to live, and stop worrying about making so much damn money. Never mind the fact that you have to pay for materials, insurances, labor costs - people need a place to live, so its your moral obligation to make it happen. Yeah, bullshit. If you really think he should be doing it differently, you can surely go to medical school, do a residency, and then start developing your own protocol that you could provide for free online, to help the most people in the least time.

Maybe you will hear back from his office, but as likely as not they trashed your response and moved on to people who are interested in getting the treatment without giving them a sermon about what they are doing wrong.

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It wasn’t exactly an official, “consult”. I called and spoke to a member of his office staff who told me that if I called back Like an hour or two later, I don’t really remember exactly, that maybe he would be available to speak to me. In fact, I didn’t even initiate the idea of calling him back. That was suggested to me by the staff member I first spoke to. When we spoke he didn’t “clam up,” at all. And, I didn’t ask him any technical questions, unless you count “In your experience, how valuable do you think Relaxin is to the process?” Turns out, he could never even get his hands on any. All I asked him was: “Are the results of those patients, listed as examples in your patent application, about the same as those achieved by your other patients, on average?” And, “Your receptionist told me that on average your patients gain about three eighths of an inch a month in erect length. Would you say that’s accurate?” And finally, “Do you have many patients from the states?” That’s it. Actually, he was very forthcoming on his own, giving details about several things I hadn’t even asked about.

Honestly, when I got off the phone with him I was thrilled by what I had been told. I was just kind of worried that, even though he said he was perfectly willing to take me on as a patient, he still sounded like he was kind of angry with me. Frankly, I like to be on good terms with anyone I expect is going to be sticking needles in my junk. BUT HEY, that’s just me!

“Lurking,” Well that’s one way to put it but, I was just doing what I was told to do, by the doctor’s staff, presumably on his orders. I checked back every six months or so like I was told, until I was finally told about two and a half years ago that Dr Adams was no longer offering the protocol, even to Canadians, and had no plans to resume doing so.

Let’s go with your construction analogy. Let’s say, all around you are people who really want to build a second floor onto their houses. However, they just don’t know the proper way to build them, so they keep falling down, causing these people to get hurt. Naturally, this makes all of these people pretty damned unhappy. There is this one engineer however, who has it all figured out. The thing is, he is apparently trying to come up with the best way for him to make the most money possible from his construction technique, and apparently feels absolutely no moral responsibility at all to keep these other folks from getting hurt in the meantime. NOW PLEASE UNDERSTAND, no one is asking this man to work for free! Certainly not me. I do however think that he has a moral obligation, to let all of the people severely bummed out about their “single floor situation”, know that such a “construction” technique exists. Again, I’m not asking the man to actually “help build”, anything for free. I’m just asking that he be willing to convincingly put the word out that he knows how to do it, and then make the service available, FOR A PRICE. I’m not even really talking as much about people on the forums. We already know, or at least suspect, that it exists. Although, given the rather bleak showing of most of the forum members who tried it, it would be nice if the good doctor were willing to go a bit more public with his supposedly excellent and extensive track record.

I want to be clear, according to his office manager Dennis, Dr Adams currently seems to be willing to explain his protocol to anyone willing to pay him $1000.00. I was told by his office manager Dennis that this price included, in total, two one hour phone conversations with Dr Adams. That’s it. Now I’ll admit, this fee does seem a bit steep to me, considering that he used to offer three days of preliminary in office evaluation and instruction, including titration, as well as in office checkups every two weeks, possibly even including further titrations if necessary, along with six months supply of medication, for only two hundred dollars more than that, six years ago. I mean I’ve heard of inflation and I realise that the old price was rather low, but still $1000.00 for what amounts to two one hour seminars seems a little unreasonable to me. Hell, he even USED to offer a money back guarantee for crying out loud!! WHEN have you ever even heard of a doctor doing that?? I’m just saying, couldn’t we find a happy median?

Personally, I feel that potential patients would be much more interested in and achieve much better results with, a program much more like his old one. I’m not talking about the price. I’m talking about the thorough degree of initial and ongoing personal involvement with the patient’s care, inherent in the old program’s structure.

I would like to point out that, for the first three years or so after I was told that Dr Adams could no longer accept patients from the States, I really didn’t bear the man any ill will. I just figured “these things take time.” Eventually however, I admit to experiencing a growing disdain for what I saw as Dr Adams apparent disinterest in the psychological welfare of men who, reasonably or not, are very concerned about their perceived inadequacies in this area. To anyone who thinks this makes me a jerk, so be it.

As to whether I crossed the line, letting Dr Adams know what was on my mind, maybe you’re right. Maybe I did. I will say that my most recent contact with his office came out of a desire to encourage him to get the word out to the general public, through magazine articles, ect. That such a technique existed, so that other men could be helped, more than anything else. And, I didn’t think that I could illustrate to him what I believed to be the importance of that concept as well, unless I really told him how I felt. However, I swear to God, if I honestly thought that flattery and kissing his ring would have worked better towards that end, I would have held my tongue and never said a word. As it is, over the years I’ve had enough benefit from traction so that my desire to utilise the protocol personally, while it does certainly still exist, is secondary. Still, it was unpleasant and took a very long time. The way Dr Adams and several members of his staff described it, the gains it has taken me many years and a lot of discomfort to achieve, would have taken me less than a year under his care and been relatively painless. Why am I a bad guy for wanting other guys who are as fucked up over this stuff as I was to have an easier time than I did? Particularly, not having to go through all the months of wondering if all the discomfort, was even doing me any good.

Dr Adams going VERY public, particularly now that his patent has been granted for over sixteen months, and given that he has had over eight years to plan what to do, once that happened, could make that a reality. Also, and yes maybe this is nit picking here but, according to Stagestop and some other folks, Dr Adams actually bought the entire protocol from some other researchers who actually devised it, years ago.

It does seem that in this case, the moral prescription that you gave (start doing the procedure more), and the capitalist imperative (start doing the procedure more), would result in the same thing, i.e. profit. The more PR he puts out and the more patients he attracts and the faster he acts on the patent, the more money he ought to make. I know if he did start making the procedure more widely available, a bunch of Thunders members would hop on the wagon.

I’ll be honest; having followed the Chemical PE thread, I thought the reason the doctor stopped offering the procedure was simply because of a low success rate. A bunch of our members followed stagestop’s routine and gained nothing for it.

Stagestop most probably (I didnt read many of his posts) has not ever given his real regime or his regime might be only usefull in his case. Also the ppl who tried stages’ protocoll might have had bunk medications or didn’t follow for long enough of a period. So you see there are plenty of factors. Just by reading bad things getting to the conclusion of chem pe being fully useless is the consensus by many “members” here, but that is plainly wrong and negative ;)

Chem pe DOES work in many cases, in some it doesnt, depending on the individuals penis, illnesses like peyronies etc make growth difficult. Still it works and most successful chem pe guys don’t hang around to share, but rather go on and fuck around..

I also mentioned that dr. Adams is clearly a greedy individual, why he stopped his treatments. Healthcare and love to the patient are secondary at best. It makes me angry, though I live in europe and probably wouldn’t even be able to go to him for treatment in canada anyway.
He should make a franchise for pe, but that is legally impossible I am afraid.

So only point left for us is to make a forum conquer to private research and throughthought experiments to get what we need or maybe wiser to wait for the next professional guy to have this new kind of chem pe, which will happen within the next 5-8yrs I estimate

As for rick: you GOTTA open an own thread on your information. These are interesting news for many chem enthusiasts


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