Your thoughts on treating sores/blisters?

I realize this is a topic on everyone’s mind. I started upping my hanging weight lately, and have increased my duration at times. This has resulted in a healthy looking dick, no eq problems at all, which is awesome. Truth is I’m feeling great about my PE efforts, but I have this nagging sore that is bothering me. Its either from my hanger clamp having to be tighter to accommodate the increased weight, or possibly skin stretch, as the area I’m talking about always is a little sore at the start of my first set every time I hang.

Anyhow, I’m not looking for advise on how to avoid this problem so much as how to heal it the quickest. I’ve been experimenting using alternating polysporin, and good ole baby powder. My opinion thus far is moisture based cures are not as effective as simply drying the sore out with baby powder. I’m not sure if I’m imagining it, or if maybe I’m just drying out and prolonging the problem with the baby powder? I’m just curious, and looking for experiences. Would the problem actually heal faster with moisture, or drying? I used to masturbate like crazy with vaseline also, so there are several factors I’m taking into account regarding this new type of injury.

What’s your best treatment? I’m not sure, but its not bad enough to take a break in my opinion, and truthfully I feel like I have more initial pain when I keep the injury moisturized, as opposed to the baby powder. So I’m not sure if I’m prolonging things to prevent a break, or if I’m on the right track with keeping it dry.


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