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Very big problem(ED) , help !!! please


Very big problem(ED) , help !!! please

Ok, I will get strait to the point. I am 22 years old. When I was in High School I was fine. I had sex with several women and could go at least twice during sex, fully please women, my penis was 6 and a half inches erect, normal flaccid. I was very healthy, I didn’t even know you could get an erection that was not “full.”
Rather suddenly in my final year something physiological happened rather quickly (like over a week or two) where I suddenly developed erectile problems.I think I masturbated vigorously one time and after that all changed. My sex drive reduced hugely, my penis became a lot smaller in its flaccid state and it took a lot more for me to get aroused. The change was very sudden and my girlfriend thought I lost interest in her and cried about it. It was physiological, I felt the change dramatically.

Its now been 4 years, and this problem has literally shaped my life. When this problem happened, I quit smoking weed, quit cigarettes, never drank and expected my problem to get better.
Instead, over time it has not improved at all and slowly I have developed more symptoms. I now have:
-very enlarged vein on my penis (both when flaccid and erect).
-I also have a very hard/stiff penis when flaccid (like but 2inches long)
-I experience a burning sensation in my penis often in the vein.
-I have varicose veins on my testicle.
-My right testicle is smaller than before.
-I have gradually had a harder and harder time getting erections and they are not “full”. When erect my penis is about 5.5 inches instead of 6.5
-when erect the girth is much smaller
-I require so much more stimulation to get an erection and loose it quickly
-I feel discomfort in my penis, such as numb, aches. Sometimes my penis and my testicles feel like they have fallen asleep like when you sleep on your arm.
-My penis feels a lot hotter to the touch (both erect and flaccid) and my girlfriend notices that as well when we have sex. “its so hot” she says
-When erect it hurts to bend my penis because the veins/arteries are so stiff (even though it is less wide and an inch smaller than when I was 17)
-The mushroom on the top of my penis is soft when erect.
-It takes me like a couple days to build up any sex drive at all and because I haven’t gone in like a week when I have sex I just want to ejaculate once I get in the vagina.
-Even when I’m erect and I don’t feel a strong urge to ejaculate often, like, I could have sex with my girl please her, not ejaculate and not be bothered or teased by this, just loose my erection and forget about it.
-My penis is sensitive to things such as cigarettes, weed, alcohol (very sensitive) and being around them makes things much worse.

This problem is ruining my life. It has made me isolated socially (I do not even go in a room where someone lights a cigarette or joint anymore), I don’t drink at all other than like a beer or glass of wine, and Still the problems seem to either stay the same or get worse (depending on the problem). I don’t want to just take Viagra or something because I’m worried it will just poor blood into already engorged and irritated veins and arteries on my penis and further irritate them.
I have started taking a multi-vitamin and omega 3. I need some REAL advice on what I can actually do, Urologists have been no help. Anyone have a similar experience?
This is actually not my post but I slightly modified it so it describes my problems 100% accurately.
What can I do guys , I’m dying ..

Are you doing any PE at all? Did you during the times when you were “good” and until now? If so, what were you doing?

I was such a damn fool :( .. I masturbated too hard for days and must have damaged it (a vein popped out but I just didn’t think about it ) , no PE at that time ..

I didn’t considered it damaged at first , I just thought that it was exhausted so in my complete foolishness I made and some PE which made the things even worse so I eventually stopped all activity. Started paying attention to my damaged dude which is not improving very well.

I went to an urologist and he was all like “wtf” that’s strange , I can’t help you.

How many urologists have you seen? Were you completely honest with them? e.g, You tell him that you masturbated really hard, frequently, etc.

What do you mean a vein popped out? This is kind of strange, but I have a big vein on the top of my shaft, that runs from the base, to the glans, then goes to the side. Its pretty big. Well when I get erect, I can easily move it around. Like I can push it aside, its weird, and use to freak me out. Is this what you mean?

Hope things get well,

I’ve seen 1 .. I’m gonna visit others soon.I was honest of course , the problem was that he had no clue what the f**k is going on , said that it is the first time he has a patient with complains like mines(for 10 years practice).

The vein I’m talking about is probably a varicose one - it is there from the base to the top and is permanent, you can move it around , you can even lift it up .. it’s like it’s not even a part of this penis - more like it is trapped between the penile body and the skin. Both flaccid and erect it is there.


Hmm…scary. I just checked out this “Varicose” vein, and read that these are prone to Thrombosis?

This is scary. I know PE makes the blood vessels larger and more visible, but this particular one is Huge. Is this a bad thing? Man you got me scared. Are you sure you haven’t got Thrombosis?

My 2 cents, chrono: your problem has nothing to do with masturbation or PE. I think varicose veins are the problem, and you have to see another urologist as fast as you can. If another Doc says there is nothing to worry about, your problem has nothing to do with your penis per se.

The first doctor didn’t say that I have nothing to worry about , he was just surprised by the varicose vein and said that he has never seen something like this and don’t know what to do. Now I’m going to another and meanwhile I stopped all masturbation in a hope that it will somehow self-repair.

I masturbated too hard for days and must have damaged it

Hey i did many hardcore clamping sessions. When i overtrain my penis i cant get good erections for the next two days. But when my penis get some rest i get good erections. Maybe masturbation is not your problem.

How do you know you have varicose vein?
You need another urologist.
You need some health exams.
Maybe your problem is circulatory. Consider the small amount of drugs you used. Every organism reacts different. Maybe they affected your health.
Are you doing some sports?
How is your psychological health?

Accept who you are know, don’t waste energy trying to fix things with your mind our thoughts. Struggling with it just brings more stress. And stress (depression, anxiety) is a erection killer, one of the worst illness. Accepting any problem is the first step to solve it.

No mate , I’m sure it is physiological because it is REALLY different , I actually got psychologically irritated because of the injury(not the other way around). What can I say , thanks for the tips and I will keep you in touch.

If there is anybody with idea how to repair it or wtf is this in the first place is welcome.

If this is a vascular injury, here are some supplements that may help repair things over a long period of time, and could start improving your erections within a week.

To prevent and remove reactive oxygen species (which damage blood vessels), and improve endothelial function:
Calcium ascorbate 2g x 2 (a type of vitamin C which includes calcium, that is easy on the stomach)
Alpha lipoic acid 300+mg x 2

To improve endothelial function:
Acetyl l-carnitine 500mg x 2

Fish oil is good for reducing inflammation.

Tadalafil could be helpful too.

These are all things I am currently taking, and they are working for me.

Pussy Pounder

Pussy Pounder thanks very much mate !

ThunderSS .. you are right man -worrying about it sure makes it worse but I can still make the difference , It is almost impossible to get an erection when I’m standing(I may be watching porn and be totally relax and still I can’t get one without touching it for 1 minute) The things are way better if I’m sitting which I think is a sign of compromised blood flow due to varicose vein problem , but of course what do I know anyway ..

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