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Very big problem(ED) , help !!! please


Get some antler velvet and pomegranate juice also. See the urologist immediately about the hot penis, and get tested for AIDS and all other std’s. They’ll put a q-tip in your penis and twist it, so be prepared for pain.

Say hello to my big friend.

Quote Chrono: “anybody with idea how to repair it or wtf is this in the first place”

Well I’ve been musing on that one for nearly a year now and truth is, it appears not. I sent an email to Dr tom Lue who is apparently the top man as far as penile disorders go and he was kind enough to write back..

“Yes, I have seen a few patients similar to your situation. It comes from an injury/blood clots leading to scar tissue in the middle of the penis. This prevents the blood from getting into the spongy tissue to give you a good erection”

I pestered him further and he was a little more offhand So I didn’t get any more info.

As far as loss of size goes don’t worry too much, I have lost an inch too, but I realize that It’s only because the penis is hard to begin with, so it can’t expand as normal. On a better day It should be ok. I also have this large vein but was told it is a good sign by all the specialists, even the rubbish ones. Are you sure it wasn’t always there? Your mind can go funny at a trying time like this. I wouldn’t worry about this.

I have been taken aback by all the well intentioned advice offered by other members on the site, and anxiety, booze, smoking, herbs etc will all contribute to/alleviate the problem but there are undoubtedly definite physiological problems underlying all this. There seems to be an answer to just about everything else on the site, surely there must be a single definite reason for this problem? I try to be upbeat but this is really tough on me.


We might be missing the point here .. why are you told that the rubbish veins is a good sign ? If there is a not well functioning vein it can be holding off blood , or the blood can leak off the vein so the circulation becomes compromised and the erection very hard to hold without a very heavy blood flow(that can be achieved by a very big sex concentration or manual help).

No I meant the doctors, they all stressed that the prominent vein running along the top was nothing to worry about. Have you had ultrasound? In my case all that showed up was bruising and fluid, not much to act upon..

You will notice that even this Dr Lue only came across a few cases like ours and even then he didn’t really seem to know how to rectify the problem, and by all accounts he is absolutely the top bod regarding all kinds of sexual dysfunction.

Very discouraging mate .. bad for us :(

After reading this I will never masturbate again.

Chrono, find a young doctor who is up on new shit. He must be warm and gentle and very reassuring. Sit and talk with him. Take a copy of this

Posting. I cannot believe a urologist would tell you what you say. These guys know about all kinds of weird cases. I think a gay doctor would be
Better. Those guys worry more about guys with problems with their penises. My doctor is gay and he has all the time in the world for me - maybe because I am not gay. Good luck Buddy. Your problem really makes me concerned for you. Bobby

OK… Here’s my two cents as a pharmacist and fellow PE’er.

If you have been diagnosed OR truly feel that you have vacicose veins on your penis, try a standardized extract of horse chestnut. You can get it under the brand name “Venastat” at any major pharmacy chain. Follow the package directions. Be patient because it may take weeks to months for it to work. Do not get any generic or “store brands” because their manufacturing standards might not be up to par with “Venastat”. If this doesn’t work, try to get a topical ointment or cream with standardized horse chestnut extract in it. Alternative natural medicines or adjunct ones that may help are standardized grape seed extract (standardized to 95% procyanadolic oligimers, PCO’s) and use 100 to 150mg per day. I recommend a product called “Grape Seed Phytosome” by Enzymatic Therapy. Butcher’s broom extract can also be employed.

Have you tried a PDE5 inhibitor like Cialis, Viagra or Levitra? If not, see if it works. If you have a large psychological component, then the PDE5 will give you some confidence that this isn’t a permanent problem. Too much chronic will definitely put a damper on the sex drive… in fact marijuana does have some estrogenic qualities since a side effect of chronic use is gynecomastia (development of breast tissue).

To increase sex drive try a standardized extract of Tongkat Ali 100:1. Look for a proprietary formula that calls its extract LJ100. Start out with 50mg daily and slowly increase the dose by 50mg every week up to a daily dose of 500 to 700mg daily. Be very slow with the upward titration because Tongkat Ali increases your natural production of testosterone. One study showed that LJ100 with a dose of 100mg per day increased testosterone production by upto 800%! It also reduces the levels of steroid binding globulin which will elevate “free” circulating concentrations of testosterone.

Thanks very much for the tips guys. Siva Lingam I will definitely try to find these and start taking them (very nice of you to share some pro-knowledge) , I hope that they will not be hard to find (the problem is that there is a slight difference in the names of the products in USA and Europe).

I read more and more about similar conditions and came up with an idea what could be the cause. I used to edge a lot in the old days when everything was ok. Sometimes I edged for over an hour or two , this could have resulted in something like high-flow-priapism. In this condition the body shuts some of the veins and valves by itself (using the thrombose mechanism) so it clots the blood in some veins to stop the flow and redirects some of the artery blood directly into the cavernosa bodies. So now it makes sense (though I’m very far from a specialist) that the glans is soft and there is prominent vein on the top. The varicocele I had may have played it’s part as far as lowering my testosterone levels which are crucial for penile health (veins and valves integrity). So my advice to you guys - if you do not want to end like me (desperate with a damaged penis) do not masturbate roughly and do not edge or jelq for more than 30 minutes.

2 weeks with no masturbation.

Current status : waiting to heal by itself.

Progress : smaller varicose vein. Except that - none.

Originally Posted by chrono_
2 weeks with no masturbation.
Current status : waiting to heal by itself.
Progress : smaller varicose vein. Except that - none.

I hope you get better. I know how you feel I’m going on 4 weeks with an injury. Sucks!

-I also have a very hard/stiff penis when flaccid (like but 2inches long)

Sounds all to familiar! You injured yourself somehow someway.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

If the problem is this ongoing, it sounds physiological.

I’m no doctor, but to me the problem seems to have similar symptoms to men with peyronise disease….. ofcourse without the curvature. Maybe plaque can build up in the penis without it being bent somehow?

The other possibility is a venous leak. You mention a big vein running on top of your penis. My case was very rare, but with me, that big vein was leaking blood. My flaccid penis was kind of hard, and I could not get decent erections - only very very weak semi’s, with the glans not filling up. I had the vein embolized, (effectively tied off), and it solved a great deal of my problems.

Your problem is psychological rather than physical , don’t worry at all. You shall be coming out of it on your own.

For Penis— Do PE like Jelq/Hang/Stretching etc.etc.

For body —- Go to gym do weight training muscle exercises in the evening.

Run for 2 miles a day in the morning.

Testosterone production will make you come out of the psychological/ physical problems.

Above all believe in yourself, be cheerful. Take care of yourself. That’s all needed.


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