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vary painful knot at the base

vary painful knot at the base

Hey guy’s I know I’m new to the board but really could use some help from some of the knowledgeable people that hang out here. First off keep in mind I’m new to this.

Around last Thursday I did some V-stretches while going to the restroom at work…no big I thought, but then the next day I started to notice being very tender at the point my penis goes into my body (on the top side). Then upon further examination I notice I could feel a very hard knot at the same point. The knot is in the center of my penis and runs length ways with it…it’s only about ½ - ¼ of an inch long and seems to point upward at a very slight degree. It almost feels like a bone (very pointy) and seems to go back into my body. I can really feel the pressure on it when I cough or sneeze.

I can only imagine all of the stories that are told around the board, and I’m sure many will think that I ‘m just newbie being worried, but that is the last place I want anything to happen.

I would be vary grateful for any help…Thanks

hi bigwil I’m sorry your first post is in the injury/treatments forum.

I’m not sure I know what your problem is, the fact that it is very pointy and bonelike is confusing, does it have any color to it? There is a lot of delicate material running along the topside of the penis in the center (ligaments, arteries, veins, nerves).

Its possible that the hardness you note is normal but has become noticable due to swelling beneath but that doesn’t explain the pointy nature.

Whatever it is, stop stretching (or doing any other PE) apply a hot wrap to the area occasionaly and if it doesn’t start to subside in a few days go to the doctor (if you haven’t booked your appointment already).

Hopefully someone with a better idea of what this is will post a reply.

Just a thought...


In my early teens I had a small accident which consisted of an abrupt bumping on the end of my penis which caused it to bend sharply in the middle.

I recently discovered a knot on the right side of my penis about halfway down the shaft. It is most noticeable when flaccid but is not painful. I am making a huge assumption by attributing it to the accident but it may be some calcification/scar tissue.

Has this sort of accident ever occurred to you in the past?

It may be that your V-stretches aggravated an existing condition by tearing small ligament fibres along a weak point.

The sharp quality of the bump is curious indeed and merits a visit to the doctor. However, don’t be surprised if he/she has never seen this before. It is amazing how dense some of the ”medical” community can be. Particularly in matters such as these.

I hope you have a speedy recovery.

If it is firm, moves around and is tender it is probably a thrombosed vein. continue hot wraps, no pe for 3 or more weeks, aspirin or ibuprofen could help if your stomache is not overly sensitive. See a Dr. The pointed end is no real surprise a clot (thrombosis) will assume the shape of the vessel its in and one that turns acutely could result in this kind of shaped thromus.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks for the reply’s everyone. Now let me further clarify my problem. The Knot is not noticeable to eye, but can vary easily be detected by touch. There has been no swelling or bruising around the area…I do however believe My circulation might be somewhat limited…due to the fact I have been experiencing considerable pressure and some tingling at the head of my penis. The knot is very thin but seem to be very straight only starting to curve further in my body. The pain does seem to be subsiding, but with that being said…today at work I had to sneeze and nearly dropped to my knees.

Thanks again for your responses…Bigwil

I think luvdadus hit the nail on the head with his comments and you should see it gradualy subside. Try this search for more info.

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