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Uli Blowout injury.......Oh my!!!

Uli Blowout injury.......Oh my!!!

So I decided it was time to add some girth building to my routine. I bought myself a cable clamp and was impressed for the first three days. Then yesterday I put it on as usual with a bit of paper towel as a wrap. I snugged it up around my base, and kegeled in some flow for engorgement. After I had things set nicely, I began to do some light squeezing along my shaft. After about two minutes of this I began to notice a dramatic swelling along the side base of my shaft. It was painless, so it was fortunate that I noticed it quickly, or there might have been a total disaster. Recognizing this as a vascular blowout, I quickly removed the clamp. My diagnosis proved to be correct, as the swelling quickly took on the blue color of a bloody hematoma under the skin. I now sport a huge bruise (hematoma) on my cock, going back to the scrotum, as well as a bit of a lump just under the shaft skin. Fortunately, the problem is just under the skin, as it freely slides over the corpus beneath. As long as I don’t get a breakdown of the thin penile skin over the hematoma, I should be alright. Has anyone else received an injury like mine? I’m bummed because I don’t know if I should ever attempt any girth exercises in the future, and I knew I had a routine that was going to give me strong gains. I’m interested in feedback from the forum, and offer my story as a warning.

Sorry to hear about your injury Corpus. I’d take 2-4 weeks off until it heals.

How come guys don’t simply stick with normal, proven PE exercises? A lot of guys think that performing some unusual, potentially dangerous exercise will give them better results. This is analogous to a skinny kid that comes into the gym for the first time and loads 315lbs on the bar to do a bench press.

Wet jelqing and manual stretches are basic, safe and give great results (length and girth) if done properly. I think a guy should stick with this routine for 1 year before trying/adding anything fancy.

Just my 2 cents, for what it’s worth.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Wow, that’s terrible. I wish you a speedy recovery.

Originally posted by JAPP
Sorry to hear about your injury Corpus. I'd take 2-4 weeks off until it heals.

How come guys don't simply stick with normal, proven PE exercises?

Because regular jelqs don’t do jack squat for some of us.

I have always felt the Jelqs would be too traumatic to the dorsal vein and lead to thrombosis. In addition, they always seemed to me that they would build more girth at the tip, then at the base. I was looking for a more proportional increase throught my length.

I see what you mean… but… the cable clamp exercises aren’t beginner exercises and definately aren’t for unconditioned penises. If you have never jelqed before or at least had a regimen of light squeezes, your penis may not be ready for these exercises… If you’re thinking about doing these exercises, and you are new to PE, learn from Corpus Grande…

CG, thank you for sharing, I hope that heals up soon!!


As an update, all signs of blood and bruising resolved in 10 days. During that time I was able to function sexually, and by finding reasons to have the lights out, my wife was never aware of my member’s hideous apperance. I have continued manual stretching, and have no immediate plans to work on girth,


Thanks for the warning of your injury. I have been very fortunate to avoid doing something similar to what you did, although I do have one very insusceptible dorsal vein that thromboses very easily if I over do it. About half way down the page, check out what I do for a girth routine occasionally. It’s absolutely amazing that I haven’t blown out my entire dick! - Multi-clamp numbness!


A papertowel is in my opinion not a proper wrap for extreme uli’s. The edges of a cableclamp are not as sharp as the ones of a hoseclamp but you still need a soft wrap to smoothen the edges so they can’t cut into your skin.

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