Tingling, burning, aching penis (Not from PE?)

So guy it has been awhile since I have checked in here, but this is an issue I have recently gotten and it is rather annoying/alarming. Let me start with my story..

So I stopped doing PE late winter because I just got bored and decided to take a break. The most intense thing I ever did was bathmate 3x per week for 10 min top. I would stop if I felt discomfort. Jumping ahead of time to early May, I had a moment where I couldn’t get an erecting to jack off. My penis turtled a bit, and I freaked out.. I’m still a teenager at age 19, and this is really a shocker situation. So I went to the doc, I did not have a UTI or anything and he told me to forget about it. I somewhat believe I could have had little “Hard Flaccid” but I don’t know what would have caused it. I do not masterbate too often, I am sexually active and was having sex with my partner around 3x per week before this happen. I was under some significant stress finishing up school and working. Ever since I could not get that erection the one night, I could not keep it out of my head. Constant googling, getting freaked out about what I read, you all know the deal. Jumping ahead a bit in time, one night thinking about this problem around 2 weeks later, I had the same thing happen and I kinda went “hard flaccid” again. Again, I had a panic attack and I know blood leaves your penis when this happens. Before this time, I never monitored my penis to what it felt like during certain moods. Since the initial “lack of getting an erection” night, I could help but always see if my penis was “okay” thoughout the day. This all happen form the time period of May 8-June 18th. Now, lets jump ahead to the title of my thread and real question.

So lately for about a week now I have had this tingling, burning, sensitive feeling on the tip of my penis. Like I said it is sensitive, and even wearing some of my loose boxes the every now and again contact irritates my penis. The tingling is what is really getting me going. Today, the tingling feeling had primarily been at the tip of my penis. Other days it had been on the underbody of it. At time, I get a sling sharp pain of the side of my dick around a half inch away from the body (not often though). When I am dehydrated, my urine burns when it comes out and is rather uncomfortable while leaving my penis tip. I have had sex numerous times during these times, but also giving my penis some time to rest up if that is what it needs. I continue to get night wood, and keep praying this is the case. I feel like I want to have sex, and have the drive I just am afraid if it will hurt me.

I have visited my family doc, and a urologist and this is what I have gotten for answers:

Urologists- He was proximally concerned with a devilment issue, or a issue such as testicular cancer since I am in the age of getting that. My screaming there went good, and he told me to put those past events in the back of my head and forget about them.

Family doctor- I visited him yesterday to get a renewal on a medication. I told him about the tingling, and he examined my penis and said it looked fine. He did although ask me if I rode a bike often. The funny thing is, was right around the initial time I could not get an erection to jack it, I had bought a new bike and had been riding during that time period. Now, I recently bought a Honda From for transportation, and the tingling has started since I have been riding that regularly. The doctor explained to me there is sometimes a nerve in-between your legs (Pelvic floor area) in which it gets irritated and causes a tingling feeling.

I have been tested for a UTI and the bacteria never cultured into anything 3 times. I HAVE NOT had my blood drawn and been tested for STD’s. My past sex life has only involved my current girlfriend, other than some kisses before that lol.

So my question to all of you is this.. Is this nerve damage? I highly doubt this is from PE. Why would the problem show up so long after? Also, during the time of PE training, I didn’t do anything reckless, and saw nothing but positive result. None of this stuff. I also noticed that HPV and herpes were some other things that caused this. With that being said, I know a lot of forums have very extreme circumstances, and that stuff is very scary. So please we are a very supportive community, let’s be honest, but real with the answers here. I don’t believe I have any warts, I do though have a rather odd scar? or something on the undercarriage on my dick where my circumscision scar is. With that being said, all input would be awesome. I see some people online have had this problem all the way since they were young. Do I have that trapped nerve thing? I am an active guy who eats well and exercises regularly.

With all this being said, this thread has some use and sorry if it is a double post subject. I surfed around and could not find anything really on here about this. I feel as though you guys are my best shot at getting some confidence/answers to this.