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Thrombosed Veins

I got one little over a month ago, it took about a month for it to disappear/heal. I don’t get how blood can solidify by pressure, it’s liquid? Well I’m no doctor so ill shut up.

Originally Posted by dickosaur

I got one little over a month ago, it took about a month for it to disappear/heal. I don’t get how blood can solidify by pressure, it’s liquid? Well I’m no doctor so ill shut up.

I’m kinda curious myself…

I think a quick search of the web would show you blood is a liquid comprised of blood cells, plasma, platelets and proteins. It’s capable of many things including forming solids. How else did you get a scab on your knee as a kid after falling over?

Gentle massage- and I mean almost a light touch alone may help break down scar tissue, as well as drinking lots of water and taking vitamin supplements, especially Vitamin E.

Thanks bam. You learn something new everyday! I always thought the blood could only get solid when in contact with air, but I guess you can squeeze it into submission :P And water by the way, as you suggested, seemed to help the healing process a lot.

Seriously, if it makes you feel better, some people don’t have the clotting agents that you joyously had cause such discomfort. Not a nice thought.

Argh eating my own words, I have my first thrombosed vein. I’ve had the sensation before but this time it’s with a localised pain and the vein itself feels hard. I can’t say it impairs sexual performance (tested twice at least), but as some others have found it’s not comforting.

Girth seeking routine was the reason for the pressures, as I was doing about 100 jelqs at the most with some gentle ULI tecniques per day. I think that there’s a very good reason for girth routines to be one day on one day off now.

Massage, heat, aspirin, and vitamins- my treatment at this stage. I’ll do some research and put some specific information on thrombosed veins soon. Until then it’s time out.

bam, where abouts on your penis is the thrombosed vein? How big is it?

Does it run lengthwise or around the penis?

The vein is located at the base topside with several bumps or “pearls”, it runs centrally towards the glands but the feeling of solidity tapers off about three inches up. Its size varies, when flaccid is almost normal, it just feels tough and rubbery, then once erect it is quite hard and painful if the penis is bent downwards.

I’m massaging it as much as I can with either a gentle push on the vein towards my body or a rolling motion that I hope will also loosen things up. It’s more dissapointing than scary, as I’m sure it will go away- I just don’t know how long it will take. That vein has always been something I’ve felt even after just jelqing, but multiple recent attempts at manual clamping have given it good reason to be injured.

I’m still looking for a detailed explanation of why this happens for those of you without biomedical understanding of the actions of blood. I’ll post it asap.

Then again I may have just caught it while Jelqing and strained it by pulling it out from my body during a jelq. It’s difficult to diagnose a throbmosis usually (according to my readings) so I’m just going to lay off PE for a while.

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I had the same injury, I think, that you are describing. Hard cork-like, pencil lead thickness, vein or whatever? Running lengthwise, left of center, on top. Curls underneath about 1 1/2 inches from glans. No pain, but hurt my feelings. Very anxious about it. After 3 or 4 weeks went to doctor. He said it was only a vein, not to worry as long as it didnt interfere with sexual function.. Still I was anxious for another week or two,,, finally decided to go on with life. If this were permanent, I would have to accept it. About two weeks later,,, it was completely gone and left no traces.. Moral of story, mother nature will heal, if you let her.

Mother nature and me are good friends, so no worries there. Yeah very similar description, but what did you do to treat the symptoms? I’ve been trying to massage it gently and dry and wet heat as much as possible. This has really only been here for about 3 days so I’m not concerned about it being a chronic condition.

I’ll take a month off at this stage, after only about 6 weeks PE. Could call it a de-conditioning break maybe to sound like a vet. Oh well.

Curious if anyone has pics of what they look like. I have always had a somewhat hard bulge at the top part of my shaft just below the glands stemming from the main vein that runs a top the dick. It isn’t very noticable and looks just like apart of the vein, but I can feel it and move it around. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember though and it doesn’t hurt in the slightest O_O

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If I took a pic of it you wouldn’t see a thing. It is deeper into the base of the penis- something you can feel rather than see or you notice. There is no blue tinge to it like some other veins have, rather it is flesh coloured. If I could describe the feeling it has maybe if you have some really thin braided cord, and you feel it through a soft cotton sheet.

Possibly your vein wall expanded over time due to PE here. If there is no pain or any discomfort then I think you shouldn’t feel worried. It’s your penis and your call!

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Ok so this is turning into my favourite thread, but I also wanted to say that I have been reading excessively and would like to point out that low level constant heat seems to be more effective in treating pain and inflammation than NSAIDs (Ibuprofen etc), and without the complications like stomach ulcers and intestine effects in some cases. This research was mainly to do with muscle pain but I thought it was still interesting. I do at this point have a microwaved wheat bag between my legs, and it’s doing its thing.

Hope this helps.

Mine finally went away.

Man it hurt like a bitch for several weeks.

I hardly did any PE during that time - just let it heal on its own, with some massaging every other night of so for about 5 minutes.

The hard vein didn’t hurt, it was where it came close to the surface towards the head where it burned like someone was putting out a cigarette on my pecker when I touched it.

I think I got mine from too tight of a cock ring and clamping. I am going to wear a wrap now when I clamp.

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Thanks for replying, as there has been a constant pain down there. I’m just hoping that it doesn’t stay around too long. The pain is mainly located within the base of the penis, away from the surface. The other veins on the surface are also more prominent- I think due to the fact that the flow of blood has been impeded, but it’s still warm- so I’m not worried again. Glad to hear you’re recovered.


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