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Thrombosed Veins

I’ve gotten one of these buggers and I can’t jelq anymore, I was wondering if just stretching would of any harm?

Warm wrap+stretch until it’s better then restart the jelqing at lower intensity

Or should I just wait till I’m all better?

Just wait ,dude.

I think I have one of these veins. I’ve had it and known about it for years, but forgot to find out what it is. I’ve taken breaks from pe for months at a time and it’s still there. What should I do?

I read this on a diff website

“What you are describing probably represents a thrombosis (clot) of a penile lymphatic vessel. Lymphatics are tissue vessels that are present all over the body connecting lymph nodes. It is a distinctly separate system from blood vessels (arteries and veins). Rather than blood, they carry an opaque fluid called lymph. Their function is to keep the tissues healthy by filtering out harmful substances (such as bacteria, viruses, tumor cells, etc.) and enhancing immunity. Sometimes during sexual activity, the lymphatics get bruised resulting in subsequent clot formation. One notices a firm, often finely beaded vessel under the skin of the penis that is mildly tender. This is not a dangerous condition and the clot resolves on it’s own in a few weeks unless there is recurrent trauma to the area. Therefore, sexual activity should be curtailed until healing has occurred. When you resume sex, use a good lubricant and try to avoid excessive trauma to the penis. Good luck! “

I have also had one for a long time and have noticed a second one, mine are on the underside of my foreskin hidden from view below the gland, I’ve just started PE with 20 manual stretches of 30 seconds and 200 3 seconds jelqs, 2 days on one day off, is this to much and causeing trauma to the area as described ?

Pictures of the damaged area would help I would post my own pic here, but I’m on a computer at my local Internet cafe

Originally Posted by aloe2008
So this first happened to me like 2 weeks ago, then happened yesterday

I was masturbating then I think it’s a vein, gets REALLY hard, right below my penis head, and it hurts really bad when my hand runs over it. It’s so hard that it feels like a bone, then even after my erection goes down the vein is still kinda hard and I can feel it there.

Anyone know what this is?


Is that one? It only really hurts and pops out when I get an erection, I can still jelq fine..

And I’m definitely not overdoing it, I’m just doing a newbie routine every other day. I have done much more in the past and never got one..

It first appeared when my gf and I were having phone sex and I had one of the hardest erections I have ever had

I had a small rubbery one .. I healed in less than 24hrs with aspirin and niacin

can these cause weaker erections and harder to maintaine erection ?

Well, I guess I have to add my name to the hat… Geeeesh. Man I was doing so great. I was getting gains that made people think I was making it up… Then I got these hard bead like and string like things. I don’t know if they are blood vessels or lymph vessels and they usually don’t hurt but it seems like when I get an erection and then as the erection is subsiding, I get these pinches or quick zaps of pain that go away immediately. I checked the anatomy of the penis and I definitely don’t have a throbmosed deep dorsal vein… and both my dorsal arteries give a pulse (so I know they aren’t blocked)…so I”m guessing lymph or superficial viens.. but I have matching sets on both sides of my penis. The one on my right side is larger and longer but I also have two more on the dorsal or top of my penis just distal (or to the outside) of my dorsal arteries…so in all I have four strings, all orginating near the base (about 1/2 inch from the base and going up towards the head about an inch or less. The one on the right side maybe longer.

I sat under an infra-red lamp for a half hour and it definitely felt better, and I could even lift them from under the skin and pinch them in between my fingers with no pain or little pain (compared to without the light it was a lot more painful to pinch them)…

I don’t know what gave them to me as I have been maxing out everything I did… I had just moved up from 10lbs hanging to 12lbs (I went down after one set), I hit my hydropump for 30 minutes instead of 20 which had been the longest (though I didn’t have huge edema after, just normal).

I felt some pain (the kind others described) but didn’t think much of it, and was continuing with my PE and then I as having sex with my wife and she was a little dry and I was a little larger (after pumping) so the condom was really irritating the sides of my penis as I thrust in and out. It was the next day that I really did an exam and made note of if, but I’m sure it was there before and I just didn’t pay attention.

Anyway, I’d love to try that mild pump to drain it (as someone mentioned on teh previous page) but I’m afraid it might make it worse…

I’m taking lots of fish oil (natural blood thinner) and hitting the infra-red light.

I’m also interested in the neosporin solution….any others use it and get results?

Well, it almost three weeks now and two of my lymph blockages are gone and the last one (the biggest, longest one, that goes from about 1.5” up the shaft back down towards the base and all the way to my ligaments) even that one is now getting thinner (they get thinner before they go away)…

I would like to thank “sparkyx” for his post about reverse jelquing to help remove them (IF YOU KNOW THEY ARE LYMPH BLOCKAGES AND NOT BLOOD CLOTS!)…. I tried it after about a week and half and they were still a little tender when pressed and I was afraid to do worse damage, so I just left them alone… Well,yesterday and today I tried some reverse jelquing in the shower since they weren’t tender anymore…. The second one was gone completely by today and the last big one.. after today is getting definitely thinner…

I don’t reverse jelq very hard, but firm enough to moderately constrict fluid flow and push it towards my body.

anyway thanks again. NO more crazy PE for me…just nice mellow stuff.

I am not sure,But I think I might have this, When involved with my PE routine I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my left side but continued,the pain only emerges erratically, I searched for the source of the pain and found a tiny hard speck on the left underside of my penis, like a little rock, I didn’t know what it was and was worried,I gained a erection to see if it was still there and was shocked there is when erect a very large hard ridge there, Is this a thrombosed vein?

I first thought it might of been scar tissue but since it expands when erect I guess not.I am going to take aspirin and lay of Pe for awhile I am just not sure what caused this as I have mainly done stretching.a few wet jelqs, But what I have done is squeeze at a full erection,also a few attempts at hand clamps while kegeling very hard.

I assume this is a vein that is stretched out and now has to heal up or adapt for 4 or 5 days.there is no discoloration but My erection quality and libido have dropped a bit.

Hmm I still have sore spots that hard lumps form on,I can massage away,I think I got it from squeezing to hard.

This isn’t related to Peyronie disease right?

I have noticed an hardened lymphatic vessel on my penis. It is located in the shaft near the glans and it isn’t painful .
I read that it is not a dangerous condition and heals on it’s own in a few weeks, but I have two questions:
- Is it suggested something to reduce the healing time?
- Now I do PE, is it necessary break of the routine?

Thank you in advance

There is a hard ridge before the corona,I freaked myself thinking it was thrombosed vein.

OK everybody.. Here’s what I can tell you about blood clots. They are potentially life threatening and should not be dealt with by taking niacin and such. The treatment for Deep Vein Thrombosis, what you get on airplanes, is often a drug called lovenox, followed by Coumadin. Coumadin is commonly referred to as warfarin, it’s’ generic name. YOU SHOULD NEVER, EVER TAKE THIS STUFF UNLESS YOU ARE GETTING YOUR INR (international clotting rate) CHECKED BY A DOCTOR. Essentially, it is rat poison. I’m not kidding when I say this; when given to rats it causes them to bleed internally, therefore killing them. If you take too much, the same thing can happen to humans. The only thing I know of which you all could get your hands on is “Bolouke”, a worm derived enzyme with powerful clot busting properties. It’s a bit had to find, and it’s expensive, but it works pretty well.

Now, if you don’t order any Boluoke and you don’t see a doctor, here’s what you can do:

1-Take 1000milligrams of aspirin. Coumadin makes your blood platelets slippery, thus causing them to bounce off one another and slowly breaking down the clot. Aspirin on the other hand, thins your blood, making it easier for the blood to push past your clot and improving the circulation to your johnson.

2- There is another supplement out there called “Nattokinese”. I don’t remember what it’s made of right now, but it also has clot busting properties. Take 3 little pills (I don’t remember the dosage I took) 3 times a day.

3- Vitamin E will also help make your blood a touch slippery. You can take a fair amount of this stuff, but keep in mind that you can overdose on vitamins A,D,E, and K. On a side note, large quantities combined with the nattokinese will definitely “keep you regular”. All of the drugs and dosages I have mentioned thus far should be taken at intervals as specified on the packaging.

4- Garlic- Yes, Natures remedy for everything. When I was in college I used to chew up and swallow a whole clove a day. I felt like a million bucks, but no one would come near me. You can literally feel it coursing through your veins—it sorta gets you high. Garlic will help break up your clot, and will boost your immune system, your brain power, and your muscle repair time. However, chop your garlic a few minutes before consuming it as a chemical called allicin is created upon maceration of the clove and the longer it’s been macerated (crushed/chopped) the higher the level of allicin. Then just slosh it back with some O.J. Or throw a grip-ton of it into some pasta.

Just a thought, for the guys out there who don’t have significant others, try out a garlic clove a day regimen and see if it helps your PE. It’s really intense for the first few days, but as you get used to it, it’s not so bad. As for you fellas with girlfriends/wives, I’d hesitate to try that one out.for obvious reasons.

Hope this helps some people in need.

I wouldn’t consider this to be deep vein thrombosis but Water+aspirin+garlic etc etc should all help.

I found that simple massaging it and aspirin would help get things back.along with some down time for the penis..

I found that getting a full erection would cause symptoms to reappear,so you know.


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