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Thrombosed Veins

No, it’s certainly not DVT. That, as I’m presuming you are aware, occurs in much larger veins; It occurs commonly in your legs, arms, and sometimes lungs. However, it is still essentially the same thing-a blood clot. I myself have gotten DVT on an international flight and have had to go through 6 months of Coumadin therapy. My father has gotten multiple blood clots and will be on coumadin for the rest of his life. Oddly enough, I do not have any known clotting disorder. There is something about being tall, skinny, blond haired, and blue eyed that for some reason makes your blood clot a little bit more easily. Doctors have noticed a correlation with said characteristics and blood clots and have yet to identify a new clotting disorder or any underlying reasons for the clotting. Going back a bit, most people get DVT on long distance plane flights; For most people, the clot is reabsorbed without ever causing a problem and they never know they have a blood clot. Therefore, most people shouldn’t worry —too— much about thrombosis. If your physical characteristics match mine or you have a history of clots in your family, I’d start to give penile clots a bit more concern. The main thing is to remember is that while we all desire an impressive man-root, your overall health and well being should not be ignored in the pursuit of such.

I think I have gotten a thrombosed vein and I did not that I had it. The vein is grown huge and I have had it for at least 3 months. I thought i was just getting bigger due to PE. It does not hurt or anything. I got it after I started to jelq exclusively with my right hand to prevent furture damage. Is a thrombosed vein dangerous? I don’t really care if there is vein there that is huge.

I’ve had a thrombosed vein on the side of my cock for 6 weeks now and 2 weeks ago I got another underneath! I keep doing the hot baths and ibuprofen, but nothing’s working. I must admit though that I still masturbate - I can’t go more than a week without doing it, so that may be part of the problem. I just got some Hirudoid cream and started using it last night, so I’m hoping this will help (I’m not going to masturbate while using this stuff though so that maybe it will increase my chances of working hopefully).

It just really sucks. I would go to a urologist, but I don’t have any insurance so I can’t without paying a fortune, and from what I’ve read, it seems a lot of the people who have seen a urologist don’t get a whole lot of advice other than to “rest”.

Merry Christmas everyone!

I just wanted to ask a question here. I have some medical background, I am a certified kinesiologist but I am still puzzled on this one. I was jelqing today and during the session I noticed a big red spot on my shaft the size of a quarter on top of the larger vein on the top side of my penis. Is this a thrombosed vein? The rest of the vein is slightly hard, any thoughts?

I should also mention it is painless and am thinking it could even be a bruise

Are there any active treatments fro thrombosed veins or can you only just wait for it go away.

I have what feels like a rubber band under my head, I though it was the normal fluid build up but I’m not so sure now? It’s hard but there’s no pain or soreness, This has happened since I stopped jelqing for 2 months but continued hanging. Could that be the cause and does it sound like a TV or something else.

I didn’t know where to post but this seems the most fitting thread. It’s possible that I’ve missed a similar topic so If somebody could refer me to it, I would appreciate that greatly.

I’ve been reading “thunders” and doing PE for quite a while. The problem that I have appeared early in my journey and persisted until now, however recently it became a “dead-end” factor. I only hang, and I would think I hang gently, but no matter how many factors I play with, no matter how careful and persistent I am I still get a swollen dick after 2-3(20 minute each) sessions of hanging. This swelling makes the following sessions(I try to manage at least 5-6 sessions to reach 2 hours a day) very problematic, sometimes impossible. The veins become inflated and dick itself gradually becomes sort of soft and spongy. It also prolongs my PE time to a ridiculous 7-8 hours, because I have to wait an hour or more between sessions for the dick to “deflate” to become “hangable”. Out of those 7 hours I only manage to hang for 1.5-2 if I am lucky.What a waste of time, and inefficiency!( It also effects my next day of hanging, often forces me to take breaks(which is not good since ligaments get stronger), because swelling persists to the next day making my dick look more massive(which is good) but at the same time making it impossible to “deflate” it to an acceptable state for hanging, no matter how long and how creatively I try to draw blood out of it.
I think one explanation could be that I never gave my penis enough time to heal and therefore one stress on my veins is followed after another without a full recovery. However I don’t see how it is possible to completely avoid swelling, because even after long breaks it returns as soon as I start hanging. I don’t like to miss days and to be unproductive, PE became sort of a absolutely-need-to-do things on my day-list( I hope you understand me guys). To summarize: I feel very ineffective and discouraged since my ligaments don’t get an appropriate stretch because my penis’s circulatory systems gives up first.

So my question to you is : Am I only one who is limited in the amount of hanging because of the circulatory system issues in the penis and If somebody had the same problem, how one overcame it? Thank you for reading, for I know everyone’s time is valuable.


I’m very newbie in PE, but I didnt it so hard but still got my main vein so weird.

You can check the images in this post: Problema, soy nuevo

I ll meet to the doctor, to talk about it


I am not really clear about one thing though. You have veins in your penis right. I have never really felt the veins in my penis before so I don’t know what they are suppose to feel like. Are you suppose to be able to feel veins? I am having a problem with swelling and a lump. There is a vein there to but I don’t know how hard it is. It is sort of hard but it dose not feel like a rock. I can’t even find it right now but I had it a minuet ago.

I have something like a pimple 1 inch above the balls.Its on the skin and it hurts when touching.Is it a vein?


If a bump, it’s most likely an infected hair follicle.



BobiTurboto - I concur with avocet8. If you do enough PE, shave your penis and/or use lots of lubricants, you will get an infected or ingrown hair follicle sometime or another. True thrombosis of penile veins is far less common than many make it out to be. Keep it clean and dry, it will go away. If it gets worse that is a different story — then you might want to see a doc.


I’m pretty new to PE. 4 months ago many of my veins got big and hard after doing jelqing, Uli exercises and pumping. I over trained I guess =/
And they still are hard, bigger and have now expand and gotten bigger. Small new veins have grown from the bigger hard swollen veins. And they starting to twist and lock like varicose veins
Haven’t done any training for 4 months now..

Have I destroyed all the veins ? Can I do something about it ? I want to start training again. Have lost the gains I got =/

Hey guys, if anyone could jump over to the member pics section and look at my last post (74 I believe) in “My Newb PE Log pt 2”. I think I have a thrombosed vein, but not sure. I describe symptoms there along with picture.


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