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"spontaneous thrombosis"?


"spontaneous thrombosis"?

Yesterday morning I awoke to a nice stiff erection. I was thinking “AWESOME”! as I was planning on pumping with my Bathmate. But when I reached down and touched it, I discovered a thrombosed vein. Not painful. but very pronounced, very visible and very coarse and thick feeling. And it seemed to come from out of nowhere. The day before had been a day off PE, and I had o sign of an injury, and even the day before I pumped/workout in the morning, and didn’t notice any problem then, and I’m sure I would have, as I always measure my post pump flaccid girth, as well as performing firegoat rolls to prevent discoloration. And now it seems to be gone. I may try to pump again later, but I may wait another day. Will definitely be keeping an eye on it. Anyone else ever experience a thrombosed vein seemingly out of nowhere?

No. I’ve always known what caused them.

Probably nocturnal erections gave the final hit to a overstressed vein.

Possible. Seems 80% better today. And that’s erring on the side of safety. Probably like 90% better. Can just barely tell where it was.

I would think it’s cumulative. Take a couple of tics and go from there.

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Hmmm, how could one tell the difference. I’m gonna say that it was not. I’ve had a thrombosed vein before, and that’s just what this felt like. I could actually feel the clots in it down by the base.

I have been digging around the interwebs, and now believe it is not just any old thrombosed vein, but the actual right cavernous branch vein.

Edit; that appears to be an arterial branch. Maybe this is why it clears up the “clots” so rapidly.

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A thrombosis is a clot that forms in a vein or artery. It seems to happen more often in veins. Common symptoms are redness of the skin over the vein, warmth at the site, hardness of the vein and pain at the site. For some reason PEers seem to think thrombosed veins of the penis are common. My research indicates this isn’t true, yet our members frequently claim to have this problem.

No one on the internet can diagnose the cause of this enlarged vein. If it’s soft and not painful and clearing up rapidly, it probably isn’t or wasn’t thrombosed.

But this was hard, and the thicker part nearest the base had actual, distinguishable lumps in it. No pain, as had happened once before when I clamped a bit too zealously. It seems much better now. I will probably pump a bit later today. I’m just going to keep a close eye on it.

Sounds much more like a lymph vessel to me.

Whatever it is, I would not worry about it as long as it’s not causing pain or dysfunction. I used to worry way too much about vein oddities (including hardness) when I was more actively PEing.

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I don’t know for sure. But I’m gonna go pump and see what happens.

The vein has returned, and I didn’t even workout yesterday. Obviously I took today off too. I think It must be a result of really good “night woods”. I been waking up with morning wood almost every day. I’m guessing that I’m having raging boners as I sleep, and this is aggravating that vein.

Vein is a bit less pronounced, buut still feels pretty cordlike. Another day of no PE. On a positive note, had a nice fat morning wood. So that’s good.


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