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--Skin on penis still tearing--

--Skin on penis still tearing--

A couple months ago I posted up a message about how the skin on my penis tears if rubbed long enough. This happens after masterbation. I’m not masterbating regularly/often, so the wound is not be reopened (it heals fully), but instead it just happens again.

What is happening is that the skin (on the right side of the shaft) is literally tearing about 1/2 inch under the glans. I am uncut as well. I use lubrication but nothing in helping. It is not a cut, but instead a literal tear. A slight scar is developing because its always happening int he same spot.

What could be wrong? please help :(

How much rest have you given it?

What do you mean you don’t masturbate often? How regularly do you masturbate?

Have you given this injury over 2 weeks to heal (with no masturbation, no PE, not even looking at it)?

Have you tried to masturbate wearing a condom?

To help healing, I use the content of one 400 IU vit E gel cap applied directly on the surface of the injury.

Please consider consulting a dermatologist if you see no improvement.

Do you wear rings or other jewelry when you masterbate? :leftie:

Seriously though:
Are you being overly rough during masterbation? Does it happen every time? Do you have any STD or other illness that would inhibit healing?

I’m cut and don’t know the required healing time for uncut guys. I had a 3/4” tear from having rough sex while the lady still had her panties on but had them pulled to the side (I should post the story about that encounter). The repeated rubbing on her panties is what tore my skin. It took over a month to fully heal. The worst part was that every time I got an erection, it would tear a little. You know, two steps forward, one step back.

You could always go see a doctor about this if it is recurring.

You never know, you may get a sexy lady doctor! Just don’t try to have anal sex with her. (inside joke, older members here should understand) :leftie:

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

One need only leave the surface of the planet to realize we are all one people.

I wear no jewlery, I am especially aware not to be violent while masterbating. I simply glide over the skin. I have no STDs. Never tried wearing a condom.

I had gone 3 weeks without masterbatin (it fully heals in about a week). When I did it again the same thing happened. I dont understand why :( thanks for your help though, i appreciate the quick responses.

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