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SCARED-Impossible to get an erection after sock-clamping

SCARED-Impossible to get an erection after sock-clamping

Hi guys,
I just tried to clamp for the first time with a sock at the base of my shaft for 6 to 10 minutes, I don’t know, after a quite long dry jelq session.

I edged while “clamp” with this sock, for these about 10 minutes. I wanted to masturbate after, but right now I cannot reach absolutely an erection.

It all happened about 30 minutes ago.

please someone can give me good news, I’m completely in panic, I feel guilty and I feel like I want to die. Please answer me. I really hope it is just overtraining, my dick feels like it does not fill itself with blood when stimulated…

dont worry your dick is fatiqued by the intesence workout your not use to , i sometimes cant get erect after manual workouts.

Wow calm down dude, stop trying to get erect, leave it be for a few days and you should be fine.

after a few hours…I can get erect completely, even if my EQ is not good. I think it was just overtraining. Can I calm down, dudes?

One time i overtrained really hard, that even my flaccid shrunk for more than a day. Pay attention to your dicks motivation before continuing the session. If It just wants to go to sleep then you’ve given him more than enough work. If you still feel horny after the session , and with good expansion then it was a productive one.

Originally Posted by Mike91
After a few hours.. I can get erect completely, even if my EQ is not good..

Oh my god this is what I dreaded.
I think it’s over for you now, no more hope.
I send you my prayers.

So, am I right in saying that EQ just comes back to normal in a little time? Maybe hours,days?

You didn’t laugh so I will not answer and may you rot in your ignorance.

(It will be back to normal, I have no crystal balls to tell you when, you’ll find out and tell us. The more you worry , the longer it will take)

Originally Posted by Walter5169
You didn’t laugh so I will not answer and may you rot in your ignorance.

Watch the language there please, you may be joking but it’s a bit much.

He has some humor right? He could have called me out on my knowledge if he wanted though because sometimes I get distracted, and sound dumb.

Where could I call you out on your knowledge?

I heard you capernicus, yes it was humor and I thought since I answered his question it was understandable .

Anyway I hope things are crystal clear now!

How to recover 100 from hard flaccid

Please help

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