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Pumping Injury

I don’t have any ideas but there must be a doc who will take your marathon sessions of semi hard-on seriously. Hard flaccid is completely different. Pressure in the back and tailbone? I don’t know how it’s connected to the rest of your symptoms but it could be an important one. Did you ever seek the help of a qualified osteopath (not a charlatan) ? Just to check if no bones are misplaced.

Since you have low arterial flow, perhaps the body is repairing the damaged arteries?

I’ve had these same issues in the past and I’ve never suffered injury to my penis. Yours started with a slight injury that set up a trauma in your mind. Mine was stress and a failure in bed which started a vicious cycle of performance anxiety that I didn’t even realize was there for a long time. I agree with marinera about this being in your mind. All you need to have erectile dysfunction is a perceived injury and/or a failure in bed. You’ve had both. I’ve had to come to terms with my past failures and navigate through them. The first step is realizing you aren’t the king of the bedroom. Then next is leaning on support. Mine is my wife and Viagra. The next is proper PE done safely to increase erection health. (I’m currently doing this). The final step is experience and maturation. (This process takes a lot of time)

Thanks guys for the input.

The reason I don’t think its psychological is because this all started with trauma that felt something pop below the glan (and felt blood rush through) ever since then this problem came about.

Psychological aspect could have caused cascade of problems that made it worse for sure. I agree.

But the fact I get these semi-rigid erection for hours does not make sense because I am sleeping at that hours so no psychological aspect involved.

HOWLAK did you have these type of erection problems as well?

Thanks guys.

Yes. I get semi rigid erections at night all the time. Sometimes they are raging hard ons. The other problems include staying limp when my wife sexually excites me. Weird, huh. Sometimes I get really hard and lose it halfway through intercourse. I’ve learned to use my tongue and hands very effectively. There are other times that I can go all night (about an hour is my max). My penis feels fairly lifeless but that is only because I’ve become accustom to my own rough hands. I can barely feel my wife even when she uses both hands. Because of my own apprehensions regarding going limp during sex, my libido has waned and I usually go limp. Surprise! I’ve learned to use relaxation techniques and mental focus to keep my erections. Lately, with the incorporation of LIGHT jelqs, I have been staying harder longer without Viagra supplementation. I am getting better but it is 100% in my own head (the one between my shoulders).

ATTITUDE! This is the key. Go into sex to have fun and enjoy your partner. Forget about your dick. If it works: Great. If it doesn’t: use your hands and tongue. I give my wife her best orgasms with my fingers and tongue. If I have an ED problem, which is becoming more rare, I will get hard again while she’s cumming and I’ll take advantage of that. It drives her wild when I slide it in during a G-spot orgasm. Confidence is not overrated here. Once you’ve suffered a blow (no pun intended) it remains damaged for as long as you let it.

While it is good to have a positive attitude towards life in general, that doesn’t mean all of these very real physical injuries (some of which are more severe than others) will simply disappear as a result of a positive attitude.

If dealing with a serious injury, it is important to be honest with yourself and not let people convince you that you are crazy and it is all in your head, because it is uncomfortable to face that something is physically wrong.

Living in denial isn’t healthy.

Plus, especially with more serious injuries, letting people convince you that you are crazy and it is all in your head can prevent you from seeking out a real solution.

Yeah. Trying to keep positive thinking. But these erections that wakes me up at night/nap is just getting very annoying. Lack of sleep and pain.

Seems like these erections everyday is contributing factor to weak erections as my penis is swelled up by morning when I wake up. (As if overused/overworked)

I have Rigiscan coming next week, hopefully it shows something so dr. Can send me for further tests.

Been horrible 3 months though. Lack of sleep, tired, all disturbing my life.

Were I you I would try my best to relax and ensure I got enough rest.

Certainly consult with a urologist, take any of the necessary tests and do your best to follow the doctors orders.

But when you are not doing that you would do well to put your focus on getting your sleep schedule back to normal, and thus your general health as well.

Whether or not you have a physical problem remains to be seen pending your tests, but by your own acknowledgment and admission you definitely have a mental one and it is equally definitely not helping your situation. I would think warm soaking baths, perhaps with Epson salt, might relieve some of both physical and mental tensions. Just relax and float a bit: whether literally or figuratively the idea is to give yourself time to heal.

I can appreciate that this is easier said than done.

Perhaps if you frame it this way: the anxiety you have over things not being quite right is absolutely costing you in real terms in the form of stress. Deal with your stress. Find ways to calm yourself (exercise, relaxation tapes, breathing exercises, hot baths or whatever works for you). If you put your attention on taking care of yourself —your whole self not just the injured party, then you will afford your body more energy to heal. It’s a win-win approach, if you think about it.

It will help you stay positive. Have you tried moist heat from a Hot Pad with Thera Beads (microwaveable hot pad) just before you go to bed? It can help.

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Well if he is injured and his penis swells I woudn’t apply heat.

HowLack keep up the good work, your going to be fine. when this is all said and done, you will be a fucking machine and your wife is gonna be pulling your hair out.

Be careful about putting blind faith in a bad doctor. Obitoo, founder of, was originally misdiagnosed with Prostatitis and wrongfully put on a bunch of antibiotics before he took the initiative on his own to investigate further, and eventually was correctly diagnosed with Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome and not Prostatitis.

If he had kept total and blind faith in a few bad doctors, who knows where he would be today.

Have you thought about doing pelvic floor exercises. You can try reverse kegels.

There are doctors that specialize in these areas and it may be worth looking into.

I agree with that last post. Also, I would imagine your body would repair itself over time.

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My best suggestion for you is to completely write down all of your symptoms then compare all of them to known problems. Doctors are very busy. They see many patients throughout their workday. In my opinion, it would be best to formulate and condense your symptoms down to very specific things in order to take advantage of the Urologists time and knowledge. Be an informed patient. Learn the anatomy of your penis and describe everything from the beginning to him/her emphasizing the points you want to make. He will likely run a few test and/or prescribe medication. Try it out. If nothing improves, go back armed with this new information requesting a more accurate diagnosis.

If/when the doctor gives you his absolute best guess, ask for a copy of your medical file and tests and seek at least two more medical opinions. If two of them or more independently agree, go with that.

If, after these evaluations, they cannot find anything wrong, you might consider a sex therapist or someone who can help you overcome the anxiety.

No one knows your symptoms better than you do. Keep an open mind and consider all possibilities with a detached analytical mind (think like Spock).

Keep us informed of your progress so the information can help others.

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After reading most of this thread, I wonder why it is that you are so adamant that your problem is strictly physical and not related to some anxiety related issues. Our mind is powerful, especially when it comes to it’s affect on our penises and how well they function. You may have indeed injured your penis using a pump, but it seems rather unlikely considering the amount of pressure you were using.

That lump you mentioned that went away or flattened out, is not something one should ignore. What did your urologists say about it? I had a bump just under the head of my penis years ago which I thought was a pimple or a cyst. It was surgically removed and although it was benign, it was deemed pre-cancer….whatever that actually means. It never came back. Being a proactive guy like yourself, you definitely need to have this checked out.

Believe it or not, you just obsessing about your penis function can be causing you some of the difficulties you’ve mentioned. Please don’t discount this. It might be an easier fix than if it is actually something physical.

I had prostate cancer a couple of years ago. I elected to have a robotic prostatectomy. My doctor warned me that there could be problems with erectile dysfunction and that my penis would be shorter. He was right about both things. My prostate was the size of a racket ball. When it was removed, so was that portion of the urethra which ended up shortening my penis by about an inch. I already suffered erectile dysfunction and the prostatectomy didn’t make it any better. The good news is that I still have feeling in my penis and when I orgasm, it is sometimes more intense than before, despite that there is no ejaculate.

I can get a rock hard erection if I inject enough Tri-mix. The prescription calls for me to use this once a day. I’d go broke if I did this. According to my urologist, erections are essential to penis health, whether artificially induced or not. Like with you, oral erectile dysfunction medications have no positive effect on my getting an erection. I use a pump because the erection I get from this is actually more pleasurable then the injections which can cause a painful erection. I am also seeing some growth. I use a pump with a gauge and have pumped higher than you mentioned with no negative results. I suspect each of us can handle different amounts of pressure within reason. I am a person who goes at things slowly and with caution.

After dealing with erectile dysfunction for a couple of years, I have come to the conclusion that at least a portion of my problem is mental. When you live with something long enough, it becomes a routine. I’m currently considering hypnosis to see if I can teach myself to bypass my history and fears of failure in hopes that it will produce a positive change.

If you truly want to fix whatever is the problem with your erections, I believe you should be open to all possibilities and not limit yourself by believing that it has to be physically caused. What if you are wrong? Think of all the good times you’ve already missed. I say give the mental thing a shot. What have you got to lose?

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Thanks guys. I am trying to think positive. Have done reverse kegel and kegel exercises as well. ED I am not too much worried about. If I have to take meds rest of my life so beat it.

Its just these darn erections that would not go away when I sleep. Its got to a point where I can’t feel if I am erected or not.

I have to wake up myself and walk around at night for 10-15 minutes until erection goes down. If I don’t stand up and do this, erection is there for hours.(wish this was a case when I am with a girl lol)

So. I wake up walk around until it becomes somewhat flaccid, then back to sleep. 1 hour later another erection, wake up walk around.. This repeats..

I tried to ignore and just slept through and got erection for 6 hours, next morning swelled up like crazy.

Wondering if it is veno occulsive or shunt that got messed up, not properly draining out the blood. (Apparently doppler test is very weak in identifying this. )

But if it is, it doesnt make sense for me to get ED because it would be totally opposite (ischemic priapism) and standing up should not matter.

Was thinking maybe it is not penis problem.. Some vein drainnage mechanism is legs, pubic area got messed up?

Anyhow, thanks guys for inputs..
I am so lost, lack of sleep, just patiently waiting for next appoitnment. (Have erection while I type this while I am lying down.) unreal.

Did notice sapheous vein in left leg all of sudden after this incidence. (Before not visible, now def visible vein from upper thigh all the way down to ankle) but no pain just very visible all of sudden. Not sure if there are any relationship or coincidence.

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