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Pumping Injury


Hi, Guys.. I finally decided to post my injury after reading many posts here. Need some help and your expertise. My story might be a little long, but any help would be appreciated.

First of all, I never had problem with erection, very healthy & fit.

I started doing PE exercises and Penis Pump () back in Nov 2013.

I think my injury started when I used penis pump with too much pressure. That very day I had couple drops of blood through penis. Next day when I had relationship with my girlfriend, all of sudden I experience loss of erection/detumensce.

I was scared and refrained from sex/mast. For about 2 weeks. During that 2 weeks my shaft of penis swelled and erections was almost impossible. After 2 weeks swelling went down but ever since than, I am suffering with underlying problems as listed below.

1) Seldom getting morning erection. If I do get morning erection, its only 60% EQ and very squish/soft. Some days, I feel like I have morning erection but if I look at my penis, size is same as flaccid but only the shaft is swollen with deflated glan.
2) Never get spontaneous erection since the injury.
3) Very difficult to get an erection. Impossible with visual stimuli. Can get erection with manual stimulation but it has to be constant. If a stop stimulation it will erection disappears with in 5 seconds. Erection standing up is almost impossible, only gets erected just before orgasm/ejaculation.
4) Erection lying down is bit easier but the penis won’t stay upright anymore, lies on the stomach now as if there is no support on the base of penis. (EQ is 60-70% at most)
5) Enlarged dorsal vein across the shaft of penis
6) Deflated glans/head.
7) My flaccid size is much bigger now then before and seems like there is no elasticity. Feels dead some times.
8) Penis feels like sponge, especially corpus spongiosum even when erection occurs (very mushy, squishy)

I’ve been taking CoQ10 Vitamin E, Arginine, Ginkgo but no improvements. Have booked to see urologist but wait time is 2-3 months here.

Anyone had or seen/heard similar symptoms individuals? If yes, what treatments and steps did you/they take?

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

This thing has been driving me crazy last few months and can’t not focus with my life.

Your symptoms seems to be due more to anxiety than anything else.

Thanks for the opinion marinera but I am sure its not anxiety. I having difficult time even getting an erection by myself or watching porn. Have used PDEs but very little effect and physiological state of my penis is definitely not the same as before. Very squishy and feels like blood is not filling up in the head of penis. Some days, getting pins/needles or tingling sensation on my glan. EQ quality has gone lower as the days went by and been already 3 months since most of these symptoms rose.

Well abstaining from any type of stimuli, sex, masturbation, will help?

No. The problelm is in your head. Everything is a hint that you have done some harm to your penis, according to yours perspective. For example, the glans is always smooth, because it’s function. But you see a smooth glans as a sign of injury. I would suggest you forget botu PE right now, until you are not free of imaginary dangers - maybe forever, but better an average, workink penis, than big, not working penis.

Sorry. I should have clarified. The squish/soft of penis glan is least of my worries. Its the whole shaft of the penis that has EQ 60% and soft/squishy as if it is filled with water. Its the swelling time to time on the shaft of penis (engorges but stays same as flaccid size) but the shaft puffs up like crazy. Some days erection is almost impossible even with manual stimulation.

Does your pump have a gauge?

Yes. Normally the pressure I used was 3 upto 5.5 max. On the bathmate.

Also forgot to mention was start of all of this also coincided with this little pea size lump just below the head of glan. As the time went by this pea size (ball)is no longer present but more jelly (flat, not as hard as pea size but bigger and flat like squished jelly) below side of my penis below the glan. I am not sure if this had to do with anything cutting the blood supply.

There is no pain or dents or curves like it would in peyronies.

Thanks marinera. I really needed to talk to someone.

Originally Posted by rxaxa

….Have used PDEs but very little effect and physiological state of my penis is definitely not the same as before. Very squishy and feels like blood is not filling up in the head of penis. Some days, getting pins/needles or tingling sensation on my glan. EQ quality has gone lower as the days went by and been already 3 months since most of these symptoms rose.

Well abstaining from any type of stimuli, sex, masturbation, will help?

I don’t see any objective symptoms that something is not working as it shoudl. I think your problems are not physical.

Anybody else have any opinions? Thanks.

Hey rxaxa,

I think your problem is undoubtedly physical, as the noticeable physical changes to your penis that you are describing are strikingly similar to those documented by others suffering from PE related injuries.

The first piece of advice I would give is to be very very happy and relieved that you aren’t suffering from a loss of sensation as well. As bad as things may seem, if you lost sexual sensation as well you would be praying you could go back to your current state. Based on the symptoms you describe, I don’t think it is going to go away on its own, and I don’t know of any reliable cures. As far as treatment is concerned, you may have to combine a PDE5 with supplements if the PDE5 isn’t enough on it’s own. Kegels would help your erectile quality and a cockring could help, but the last thing you want to do is make things worse, so if you try one of these options err on the side of caution. It goes without saying that I would avoid kegeling while the cockring was on.

Keep us updated on your progress.

Hi guys its been over 2 months but no progress. Seen 3 urologist but no one can help me.
Did doppler test but nothing showed.
Currently this is my symptoms.

1) weak erection. Failure of coprous spongiosum to fill
2) can’t get erection standing up
3)***most important***
When I lie down I get 10-20% erection even if I don’t have urge or stimulus; and then when I sleep I get these semi-rigid erections for hours (I mean 4-6 hours) they do not hurt as they are semirigid but puts insane strain on my back, coccyx, hip. Can’t sleep at night for weeks now.

Mentioned to urologist, they say its impossible. Sounds like high flow priapism but they say no way to happen only when lying down.

Anyone with similar symptoms, ideas, referrals would be greatly appreciated. This is just destroying my life.

So what happened during the doppler test?

How was the erection?

1 doppler test indicated low psv (low arterial flow) and other urologist said it was normal (but he was very quick. Finished it by 3 minutes so I doubt he was correct).

Bad thing is now I have loss of sensation as well and skin on the shaft feels detached.

If I do get an erection, only CC fills up hard and erection angle is higher almost at 11 oclock.

After erection, my penis swells up and especailly that night I get insane semirigid erection that lasts for hours :(


Well I have no medical background so I doubt I can really help.

During the first doppler he said there was low arterial flow, so why?

I wouldn’t be too bothered about the cs not filling up for now.

What have you done during those two months? Did you masturbate, touch etc..?

Otherwise you may ask for different tests (cavernosogram..), as well as find an urologist who is willing to help (and to do a proper Doppler test).

The higher erection angle sounds rather positive, and as for the “swelling” after the erection is it not a simple plump flaccid?

The loss of sensation could be caused by a light nerve damage, which will take a while to heal .

Thanks for the reply. He said I had low arterial flow but didnt follow up with any other tests afterwards. Just said I should get some shockwave therapy done to make new arteries. I rested for about 2 months. ED is least of my worries right now.. Just these semi-rigid erections that goes for hours when I sleep is making me wake up at night. But they are not like ischemic low flow priapism. Its erect but mushy/soft. Every night for hours is putting a great pressure in my back and tailbone/hips. Wondering if this is causing slow recovery.

Weird thing is my flaccid is much bigger now due to the fact it is semi-erect about 10-15% when awake.

Not sure if hard flaccid/pelvic problem could cause similar symptoms? Ie) persistent erection lying down?

Any ideas?


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