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Possible Injury, help

Possible Injury, help

I just noticed that I have these red bumps on one side of my penis. There are sensitive to touch, and look/feel like pimples. They are at the bottem of strands of hair, right where the hair attatches. Could this be and internal injury or from possibly swolen from the hair being pulled while jelqing? What should I do?

I actually just noticed more red swollen pimple looking things toward the tip of my penis. What should I do?

Sounds like something that doctors call a “zit”, 1234.


It can’t be, All 10-15 of them just showed up today, I think it was from my morning jelq session.

I’ve read tons of stuff on this forum about red, head spotting but these arent on the head, any idea?


…look/feel like pimples.

I actually just noticed more red swollen pimple looking things

If you are concerned, go to the doctor. What, is some magic being from the InterWeb going to magically apepar in your room, wave his magic dick-shaped wand and cure you?

Go to the doctor. Have a doctor take a look at it, and take his opinion, rather than a faceless typeist on the other side of the continent.


Sounds like zits to me. All the irritation from PE can make the pores where the hair attaches red. If you’re really worried, though, go to a doctor.

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