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Bib & Others ~ Hanging Injury & Abdomen Pain

Bib & Others ~ Hanging Injury & Abdomen Pain

I am new to PE in general and trying to get back into it after an injury. Back in December I started hanging with the Bib Starter and somehow ended up injurying myself.

I will try to explain what happened and wonder what I might have injured. Let me first state that I think the Bib Starter is a nice and well designed item and not the fault of my injury.

When I first got the Bib I took time to learn how to wrap and hang 1 1/4 lb. of weight to get the feel of things. After feeling comfortable after a few days I decided to start my hanging program. I figured 2 1/2 lbs. felt comfortable and I would start there and get use to it.

I hung about 3 days in a row doing 3 10-15 minute sets sitting in my chair haning straigh out. On the 4th day I wrapped and decided to place the hanger a little closer to the base/body and hung a couple of 15 minute sets and on the last set I went for 20 minutes. I didn’t feel any pain, but my testicles hang close to my body and noticed a slight pull on them while hanging my last set. Again the was no pain whatsoever.

After a day or two past with no hanging I started noticing a slight discomfort in my abdomen and lower back and my left testicle. I figured at this point something wasn’t right and I better check my plumbing to make sure it worked properly. After getting hard and masturbating I noticed upon ejaculation a sharp pain in my abdomen about 2 inches left of my belly button and maybe an inch or two lower.

After a few days of this I decided I better see the doctor at the emergency room, since I don’t have a regular doctor. I didn’t tell him exactly what I had did, but told him I believed I had pulled a nut. He thought I had kidney stones, but that was negative and said I did have a slight bladder infection and gave me some pills. After a few days the pain subsided and there was no pain upon ejaculation. It has been 4 months since the injury and I still notice slight discomfort in my abdomen and lower back on the left side. I did talk to to my Dad’s uroligist off the record and told him I had strained myself and he said that injuries like strains can take a long time to heal. At this point I would like to get back into PE, but definately want to be 100% before starting up again.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this or have any idea what I miight have injured? Is it possible I strained a lig and it is just taking forever to heal?!?

Thanks for your input! :)

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It’s hard to imagine 2 + 1/2 lbs doing any harm, unless you had some weakness just waiting to show itsself. I guess / hope you’ve been fully checked for hernia etc.

I haven’t had anything like that happen— and I guess all anyone could suggested is that when YOU feel totally ready, start again VERY SLOWLY, and see how you go.

Or swear off it for the rest of your life….??

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Mr. Bulge,

Not saying that that’s what happened, but one should be very careful hanging while sitting, in a position ,where there is a lot of pressure on the area between the scrotum and the anus (hope these are the correct terms…). This can mess up the prostate area (devoid it of blood supply). The symptoms might be like those you described.

This is recommended to anyone hanging while sitting:
Fold two soft materials (e.g. towels) and put them side-by-side
on the chair’s cushion, leaving just a small crack between the two.
Sit with your scrotum-to-anus area just above the crack, but don’t let it dangle in the air as this can “spread” your butt chicks.

take it easy,

why dont you just hold off on hanging for now and start jelqing


The pain sounds more consistent with a strangulated testicle rather than anything to do with your ligs. If you massage the area where do you feel the pain?

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Thanks for the replies!

My first thought was a testicle problem too and why I shot off to the emergency room in a hurry. The doctor did pull on my testicles and felt around and thought everything was normal. He did find a urinary tract infection and gave me meds and after a few days the pain subsided a great deal. After about a month I told my Dad’s uroligist at his visit that I still felt a slight pain and explained a little bit of the situation to him. He told me that if it was a strain that it usually takes quite a while for it to heal.

I really don’t feel the pain like I first did, but I still feel a strained feeling in the abdomen area about 2-3 inches left and a couple of inches down from the navel. Sometimes I also feel a slight strain in my left side/back and occasionally my left testicle has a very slight strain feeling to it.

Maybe it’s possible the urinary infection never completely went away and needs more anti-biotics to clear up. I am 40 y/o and maybe my prostate is acting up.

BTW, I had just started PE with jelging and the basic stuff for a couple of weeks and just hung for 3 days and all this started acting up.

Thanks again for your replies!

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