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Please no. Venous leakage


I have considered it, long term of course. My cock feels a lot better but still not perfect. It definately is smaller in the flaccid state but erections arent as changed apart from a dull ache I get here and there, so basically I think it needs more time!

I’m not sure now that my flaccid state is still hard here and there or even if it always was when in turtle mode. Hard to decipher.

As for future PE. I was thinking low risk small hours and not much effort. Maybe a size genetics extender. I’m scared to Jelq again even though I’m pretty sure it was the clamping that caused me so much trouble. What do you think about that?

Heal first. Maybe a month or two.

Haven’t been interested in the slightest in length or girth of my cock the last week or so but I checked today and I’ve lost all gains due to my setback. Probably my cock hibernating and trying to repair itself. It seems my erection is back to almost normal. But my semi flaccid is still quite awkward. Hard but not erect.

Good to hear your dick circulation is returning. I can imagine how frightening it would feel to think you had lost your tool.

Skip the extender! Focus on the basics: manual stretching and light jelqing. After a few months of this, you will be much more in tune with your penis.

Falling asleep with a clamp on is incredibly dangerous, as the blood cannot circulate back into the body and is unable to re-oxygenate. This is bad. Erect clamping requires your full attention on your dick, and understanding of what is happening inside and out.

Give some time for recovery, make sure you are warming up properly and stick to the basics. They are truly the core of PE.

Just my 2 cents.

Cheers Log. Yes dude it was truly frightening. And I know people get annoyed with Newbies injuring themselves because of jumping the gun and doing too much too soon and then complaining about it. But at the time it was absoultely horriffic and one of the worst things that ever happened to me.

We live and learn.

Your problems are quite similar to mine. I will be posting my full story soon.. I don’t think you have venous leak. It is very important to recognize problems as soon as they occur which it seems you have done.

I’ve still got the hard flaccid condition but it’s not a life debilitating issue like it felt like a few weeks ago. It’s just uncomfortable, and aches here and there and sometimes it stops me getting hard because I now after my semi will feel a little awkward.

The real blow is that I’m not sure I can continue PE even if I try doing the newbie routine solely because I guess hard flaccid is classed as an injury.

Devastating because my target gains were only an inch in length and 0.5 in girth.

It appears (fingers crossed) that my issues of hard flaccid are over and so I thought if share with you what I learned over the last few months.

So, my injury. Was it PE related? Hard to say. But i started PEing, saw some gains, which unfortunately I’ve lost and then bam I got a case of ED and an achey flaccid penis.

It’s important to know though that I’ve been under extreme stress recently. I lost a parent. Had an emotional affair, and then of course bared my secret penis life to my new
Girlfriend. All of which I underestimated as to how much they affected me.

Perhaps I had an injury, and despite people on here telling me to relax and wait (which I thank you) I stresses even more and made the condition worse.

Things that have changed is that time has passed. I’m under a lot less stress, and dare say it am happier with my life at the moment.

Was all my body needed time? Or was the reduced stress level the real healer? I think perhaps a mixture of both. Stay safe people. Much love.

Thank you for sharing the updates, good to hear you are OK again.

I think I’m suffering from something similar to you for the last two weeks, wondering if it will ever pass, but I see I just have to be patient and hope for the best.


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