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Please no. Venous leakage

I’ve never had hard flaccid, only loss of erection. Thus far (since August of last year) my routine has been jelqing, stretching and pumping…I don’t clamp. I wasn’t stressed because I really haven’t pushed my routine to the extreme. I’ve had no other negative symptoms.

When I say I’ve clamped I’m not talking 15 minutes of erect clamping only flaccid clamping and not for long. Only once time when I fell asleep with the clamp on and woke up to an angry cock. But to be honest it still was only semi erect so I don’t really see how that could have caused this. But the fact remains my cock is in serious mode and I can’t get an erection at all. Even morning wood.
It seems like the coldness has disappeared so maybe it will get better over time. I drastically hope so.

Another strange symptom is when I bend down my cock doesn’t retract on slightly like it used to. Now it just stays the same length. Although I guess that could be due to the fact it can’t get any smaller.

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I apologse. It’s just I’m desperate here. I’ve broken my cock I’m sure.

Your cock is fine it just need rest.

If you are right. And I leave it and it returns to normal I will donate $200 to the site. But I feel that my money is safe.

It doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t look right. And it doesn’t work right. I wish I had just been happy with what I had. I guess a lesson I should learn

Listen, if you really think your penis is hurt go to an urologist instead than crying here. You don’t have any symptoms neither of venous leakage neither of broken tunica. Lack of morning woods has zero meaning, morning woods are caused by the need of pissing. Yours are symptoms of anxiety, yours is the behaviour of a man prey of anxiety. Stop thinking to your penis, stop even lurking this place for a couple of days. Your penis will recover because it’s not broken. When you’ll be recovered, forget about PE. It’s not for you.

So caring. I’m on jury service so can’t excuse myself to the doctors. You are right PE is not for me. I just want my cock back.

Slight inprovement today. When semi erect I can now lightly make the head swell if I kegel. Also hard flaccids aren’t all the time. Hopefully I’ll owe you that money by this time next week,

This will be my progress thread since I can’t make anothe one. Relieved to say I had morning wood and a few boners during the night. Still not over 80% erections but a huge improvement.

I still find it hard to produce my own erection though in the day. It seems my flaccid goes hard and my semi even harder and whether I’m too scared to carry on or it won’t I can’t get an erection.

Putting the warm shower head on my cock for 10 minutes really helped last night and straight to bed. I hope this is the start of my recovery. But hard flaccids remain.
Still concerned.

Major problems last night. Come home from a day out of drinking and at a sports venue. Went for tye toilet to find my cock had turned a grey/blue colour and was at serious hard flaccid stage. Obviously I was distraught so I applie heat in it in the shower for ten minutes and lay down on my back in bed and after about half hour it returned to normal(ish).

This morning woke up with the usual 80% morning wood so it’s not completely broken. But as soon as I stand up it goes intO hard flaccid mode again. And I bet if I stood up all day and drank again my psedeuonem of “small blue” would be as cruel as it is ironic.

Today I’m going to have to go to an emergency doctors. Despite me relaxing a little and trying not to worry about it. There’s obviously something really not right here. I guess it’s a blood flow issue. I’ll keep you posted,

Have you read up on the ‘hard flaccid’ threads here and around the internet? The reason I asked if you have any discomfort in your pelvic muscles is that, as far as I’ve gathered, they are often the cause of these things. Loosing an erection when standing up is also commonly connected to this issue. I still doubt you’ve done any direct damage to your penis, but you may well have something messed up with your muscles.

If you ever kegel, I’d suggest you stop immediately. Perhaps try some massage to the pelvic floor - gently sitting on a tennis ball works well. And keep applying heat.
Let us know what the doctor tells you.

I just got off the phone from 111 the uk emergency medical number, and having gone through a list of questions she told me that I had to go through a regular doctor as there is nothing I can do at the moment. They said it’ll be a slow process of diagnosis and recovery. It’s such a weight off of my shoulders to know at least I’m in the system. I’m going tomorrow. I’ll let you know like I said.

I’ll check out the hard flaccid posts thanks dude.

The last two days have been ups and downs. I was taken to accident and emergency as my cock turned blue/grey and was very cold. They checked me over and said it was definately a circulation issue but it was too sporadic to be threatening and probably just healing. I was to apply heat to it. Monitor it and see my doctor as normal.

Woke up today with hard morning wood. And my flaccid has been better but still not normal. Also my cock feels cold at the very tip. My git feeling is that this will take a while to heal but it is significantly improved from last week.

When it does heal I’ll be so relieved. I’ll never do PE again as a means to gain size. But thunders will always be my place to checkup on my penis health.

Just because you didn’t learn how to PE properly and got yourself hurt, doesn’t mean you have to avoid PE for the rest of your life. Take this a lesson learned from injury, and put in your time doing to newbie routines until you’re back to normal. And NO MORE CLAMPING! When a vet tells you it’s too much you should listen because I’ve done the exact same thing and come back from worse.

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