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Please Help Glans Discoloration Is It Serious?


Originally Posted by grower101
Thank you for your feedback. I am not quite sure whether it was actually fading or not prior to my light jelq and stretch session. It’s really hard to tell as it looks different in different lighting so sometimes I think it’s fading but then sometimes I don’t. I appreciate your advice for conservatism. Is it possible tha the underside of my glans is always blue/gray? It doesn’t seem likely but I don’t know. Does anyone else have this phenomenon? It doesn’t seem to be impacting my eq or my sex life. Eq and sex are both great.

When my penis is very stimulated or during an orgasm my entire glans section turns a dark red/purple which is a similiar color to the dicoloration. When I have an erection I think it is less noticable because my glans tend to be darker due to the engorged blood.

This is super frustrating because I want to pe but I want to be conservative as well. My pe sessions have always been very light stretching and jelqing. I am worried that if I caused an injury after such light pe then I’ll never have a chance at seeing results because I’ll never be able to pe enough!

Hmm!! Unfortunately we’re reaching the limit of my technical understanding. I understand your frustration, I’m currently on PE hiatus due to an injury which is largely a mystery to me as well, and it kills me every day that I’m not doing any exercises, not even kegels. But it does seem to be improving. So for me it is worth having stopped completely. I understand that you’re worried that if your light routine was able to do damage then you are concerned more heavy exercises will not be possible for you.

Do not fear! This is an issue to tackle in the future and you should not trouble yourself with it at the moment since the nature of the current problem is unclear. Doing so will only worry you. Concentrate on the positive. Allow it a chance to heal without interference. It’s always hard with injuries that don’t actually cause any pain, unfortunately it doesn’t mean that they’re benign. Though it may turn out to be completely harmless! With the art of PE, what you really need to develop is a good intuitive and critically thinking mind. To learn to observe what’s happening with feel and sight and function and to make conclusions and resultant adjustments.

Well I’m blabbering now! And I haven’t really said anything new. It just occurred to me, you may want to do a google search for your symptom(s) to see if anyone else on the interwebs has experienced something similar, that might be a helpful guide if you can’t find anything on Thunders. Just be wary!

Tweaking thank you very much for your feedback! Your obviously an intelligent guy and I appreciate your feedback!

The lower half of my my glans are still blue!! I don’t know what to do? I’ve been laying off PE and it does not appear to getting any better?? There are no functional problems and my EQ seems fine but it just looks concerning! Should I be concerned? I can’t be the only guy with this experience! Please offer your feedback if you’ve had anything similar!

I moved the thread to the injury section.

I’ve not seen any other information pertaining to your particular symptoms on the forums and I’ve personally never experienced any bluish discolouration. All you can do is give it more time and also give it some heat. How long has it been since you did any PE? You may wish to see a doctor, he may or may not be able to give you a reason why this has happened to you and prescribe possible remedies.

Do you find the look of it disturbing or offputting?

Tweaking thank you for moving the thread! I was actually looking for a way to move the thread into a different forum.

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve done any real pe work. I stretched lightly twice but very very lightly. I still have been having sex with various women and masturbating without any problems. More than anything the discoloration is just concerning when I look at it. I want to pe but don’t feel comfortable jelqing with blueish discoloration on my glans. I really want to get backto pe as I’m very new to it and eager to explore the benefits. I just wish I new how to proceed. I may try a light pe session this weekend and see how it reacts. I’ve been using heat regularly per your adivse.

I’d give it a few more weeks. If it hasn’t faded by then it probably isn’t going to without medical intervention. Think of it this way, you’re probably going to be PEing for years, what’s a few more weeks to put it off?


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