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Please Help Glans Discoloration Is It Serious?


Please Help Glans Discoloration Is It Serious?

I have been doing PE for a little over a month now. I’ve been following the newbie routine and I feel like I’ve been taking it very easy on my unit. I’ve noticed that the under side of my glans is turning a blueish color. The discoloration is limited to the underside of my glans only. The top side of my glans are pink and normal colored and the bottom 40% has a blue/brownish discoloration. I have no pain and all of my other PI’s are positive. What do I do? Is this serious? Is this the discoloration everyone’s talked about? I though that the normal discoloration was of the shaft not the glans? Please help! I want to continue my routine but don’t want to risk injury!

How was the underside of the glans before you started PE ? Maybe PE made you look with more attention to your penis so that’s why you’re noticing it now…or if you are noticing it just when you started PE then I want to ask you: does the discoloration dissapears after you PE ? try some “firegoat rolls” and some pinching of the glans/use some heat/take a hot bath

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i was worried the same thing was happening to me…. it was just when my penis was cold… try some heat and see if the color goes back to normal.

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Thank you for the responses. They are both good points. I always use heat, the rice sock method, before I begin my pe session. My session consits of manual stretches and wet jelqs. I then take a hot shower after my session. I will try to apply heat directly to the underside of my glans and see if that makes any difference.

I am not 100% sure that this discoloration didn’t exist prior to pe as you suggested. I honstly don’t think it did but I never really paid that much attention to the lower side of my glans before.

I’ve also noticed that during jelqing the lower half of my glans, where the discoloration exists, turns a darker purple color than the top of my glans when engorged with blood.

Please guys any further input you can give me will be much appreciated. I really enjoy pe and don’t want to give it up or injure myself.

Alin I missed one of your questions. No the discoloration on my glans does not dissapear after my pe session.

It might be bruising (literally blood where it shouldn’t be) from a - probably/possible - minor internal injury. As we all know blood can often appear bluey/brown when viewed through the skin, could look blue through the glans.

Have you tried taking a break? Take a break. Give it a week. If it’s just a normal bruise it should start to fade within 2 days and be completely gone after a week. If it hasn’t faded at all after a few days, I’d consider seeing a doctor.

Also, injuries love heat. Give it heat, just don’t burn yourself!

Yeah the next color stage is yellow, maybe you bumped it or something like that. Take a rest from PE a few days tell it goes away.

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It sounds to me like your grip while stretching is bruising the tip of your glans. When you’re stretching, check to see if your grip slides down and you end up pinching yourself. I had a hard time figuring out a good way to grab it, what’s worked for me is using a small strip of cloth, and making sure I’m grabbing below the glans. The skin moves forward a little bit, but make sure you feel like you’ve got a grip on the tissues under the skin. You get a better stretch too.

Thank you all for you responses. Definetly some great feeback. I’ve taken two days off from pe and the glan discoloration seems to be fading. This proves that it was indeed a result of my pe work. So I want to start back up with my pe routine. I would like to modify my routine so that I do not get this problem again. I am worried because I feel like my routine was extremely light in comparison to the routines I’ve read about on here. Ive been doing about 5 minutes of manual stretching and 5 to 10 min of jelqing. I always warm up with a rice sock.

Do you all think this Glan discoloration is a result of my manual stretching or my jelqing? Perhaps as suggested I am not gripping properly during stretching or perhaps I’m jelqing to hard or improperly. What do you think is the likely cause? Your help is much appreciated! I am very pleased to see that my unit is returning to normal and don’t want to risk an injury.

It’d guess it’s from the jelqing since this causes unnaturally high internal pressure that can result in bruising. But you shouldn’t be getting bruising on your glans. Make sure you let the bruise completely fade before resuming and go slow. You might be hyper sensitive to this sort of injury in which case you’ll have to be very, very careful.

Are you prone to bruising elsewhere?

Well it’s been three days since my last pe and the discoloration is still there but definetely lighter in color. I’m really eager to get back to pe if only for a very light work out. I am
Not prone to bruising. In fact I rarely if ever bruise even with moderate trauma.

I just wish I new if the cause of this was my strechting grip or my jelqing technique. Again thanks for your input guys. If anyone else has a viewpoint please share it.

I am going to move forward with extremely light pe and assess the situation as I go.

I still suggest you let the colour fade completely. With bruising you can’t tell whether the internal injury is resolved or not, so it’s better to give it more time than less, otherwise the bruise might come back.

Ok this is really starting to bother me. I’ve only done own extremely light stretch and jelq session in the past week and the lower half of my glans are still blueish! It doesn’t hurt at all. I really want to pe but this has been keeping me out of the game. How do I know if this is something tlto he concerned with or not? Can I jelq or stretch lightly? Please help!! I’m really at a loss about how to evaluate this.

In dealing with issues as serious as one’s penis and knowing the potential dangers of PE generally the sensible thing to do is resist the urge to do any PE untill all signs and symptoms have completely abated, especially when unsure of the cause.

It can be very frustrating, especially when just starting out, to incur an injury, especially when it doesn’t actually hurt. But as goes the motto with PE it’s a marathon not a sprit, so to must you apply this dictum to healing. It will take as long as it takes to heal, and you will have to learn patience, otherwise you might regret it.

Did it start to fade before you did the light stretching and jelqing? Does having an erection make a difference?

Having said all that, if it was a simple bruise, it should be more or less resolved by now and so I suggest you see a doctor about it.

Thank you for your feedback. I am not quite sure whether it was actually fading or not prior to my light jelq and stretch session. It’s really hard to tell as it looks different in different lighting so sometimes I think it’s fading but then sometimes I don’t. I appreciate your advice for conservatism. Is it possible tha the underside of my glans is always blue/gray? It doesn’t seem likely but I don’t know. Does anyone else have this phenomenon? It doesn’t seem to be impacting my eq or my sex life. Eq and sex are both great.

When my penis is very stimulated or during an orgasm my entire glans section turns a dark red/purple which is a similiar color to the dicoloration. When I have an erection I think it is less noticable because my glans tend to be darker due to the engorged blood.

This is super frustrating because I want to pe but I want to be conservative as well. My pe sessions have always been very light stretching and jelqing. I am worried that if I caused an injury after such light pe then I’ll never have a chance at seeing results because I’ll never be able to pe enough!

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