Penis Hanging Injury

About 2.5 months ago, I was on my third set of hanging 8lbs for 20 mins (10 min breaks)(Bib Starter). There must must been too much blood in my head and I just didn’t notice it in time. I remember the head being very swelled and purple. I went completely numb. I drove myself to the emergency room. They told me to see a doctor. The doctor told me that there wasn’t much he could do and to see a urologist. I messaged Bib himself and he said I was using the device upside down. This process took roughly two weeks. As the 2 weeks went by, the numbness slowly went away and I could achieve an erection again. I held off on the urologist even though I had a note to go; the situation seemed like it was improving. I haven’t hanged since then. Fast-forward to four nights ago, I had sex for the first time since the injury. It was drunken sex. I usually have a hard time getting it up during drunk sex, so it didn’t really surprise me when I was having trouble keeping it up. The next morning, I felt numbness again. Not as severe as the initial injury, but my penis was only at 30% sensitivity. And this is currently my situation now. Did I re-injure myself? I have noticed bruising on the left side of my penis head. If it was there before, it was never this prominent. It’s difficult to achieve an erection. Why is this happening? I thought I was getting better? I have a urologist appt. Scheduled in the next few days. Mentally, I’m in a very bad place. I can’t tell my own family what’s wrong with me. What should I be doing?

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