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Overworked Possibly - Pain in Urethra, etc.

Overworked Possibly - Pain in Urethra, etc.

After clamping consistently now for 5+ years I would imagine and dry jelqing even fairly hard daily - I am wondering if I either tore a ligament or possibly have another virus of some sort? I am having pain in my urethra while urinating, and often my urine does not come out in a straight line but lately sprays all over! Makes me nervous. Can anyone suggest anything that might be causing this? When trying to jelq lately it is almost too painful on the underside of my cock.

Any help is greatly appreciated—

Sounds like uretritis.

Urethritis or possibly a bladder infection coming on. If it isn’t resolved in 7-10 days or symptoms worsen, see a doctor. You may need antibiotics if it is an infection vs just inflammation. Stop all PE for 7-10 days.

So glad this forum exists. I’m having the same kind of symptoms but it’s not as much pain as discomfort. And not all the time. Usually only notice it when starting to jelq but it sounds like I need to back off for a bit. Don’t want it to persist.

Funny thing with the urine spraying everywhere. That happens to me too! But only after jelqing or jacking off. All other times it’s normal.

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