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Ongoing injury, Please Read?


Originally Posted by Lord Harris
Yes ginko biloba, at least 125mg’s a day.

I dont know which one to get, which do you think migt be best.

Originally Posted by Lord Harris
Listen man I feel for you. I had the same thing for month it’s terrifying. Actually a major life experience lesson for me and it will be for you as well as you WILL get better, maybe not 100% of where you were, but definately better than now ok?

Thanks for the kind words mate.
I have definatley learnt my lesson and if i do return to PE I will be very cautious with everything I do to my best mate.

Originally Posted by Lord Harris
Try and set aside at least ten minutes a day (in bed before sleep would be good) to visualise your glans fully sensitive and responsive, really let your imagintation run wild here. Try to remember as much as you can how it felt before, how it looked, felt to to the touch etc. Make this a routine and stick to it.

Goodi dea I will giv it a try.

Originally Posted by Lord Harris
And remember, what do doctors now, they think PE doesn’t work. Peripheral nerves can and do regenerate but you need PLENTY of rest.

Haha very true im going to get a second opinion from a specialist because I didnt agree withe everythng he said.
heers bud.

You want the standardised one bud, Tesco do a perfectly good one for pennies.

IMO the info here will give you your best chance of recovery, the docs will just tell you to rest trust me.

This is going to be a long slow process though mate.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Thanks for sharing that PM, makes alot of sense.

Do you have any threads or anything saved which you fount useful during your injury that I could look at.

Thanks for the support and help much appreciated.

Yeah I was just about to say, umm not saved but tap in “glans numbness” “nerve damage” etc in the search box. There are dozens of threads. Remember in the majority of cases if they didn’t report back too much it meant they got better.

Don’t bother going to MOS and searching there like I did, they haven’t got a clue. I emailed bib and he was helpful, basically said to rest though.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Yeah thats one thing I recognised, that their was a lot of unfinished threads and never finding out what happened to them. I’ll make sure that I let every one know what goes on.

Your a top man, great help.
PE safe mate, goodluck.

No probs mate drop me a PM if you ever need to and keep us updated!

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.


I also have suffered from a desensitised glans which I’ve posted about before.

I discovered something new last night. Was reading the ‘penis enlargement manual - re. jelqing’ Found out about the dorsal nerve that runs through the penis to the glans. This is the first time I’ve read about avoiding this area. (Which proves that it’s a good idea to understand the anatomy BEFORE starting PE). Since starting PE - a year or so ago - I’ve jelqed without avoiding this part of the penis, and taking the stroke to right under the glans. Never used an overhand grip, which I’ve discovered apparently avoids the nerves.

Initially I thought that overzealous ADS might be to blame, but now thinking it might be the dorsal nerve that’s affected. I have never thought my ‘injury’ - if that’s what it is - has been severe. Think this is because this might have been happening over the long term. However I’ve just read your ongoing injury recovery progress report (Lord Harris), I have similarities regarding sensations in the glans. I too remember, before PE, having a more sensitive glans.

So firstly, I am thinking that if this is a cause of injury shouldn’t it be ‘advertised’ more so on Thunders as a warning to all the newbies, and of course people doing PE now? Or might it be the case that I’ve missed this because I didn’t do the needed research first. We’ll no doubt all agree that a larger unit that doesn’t work isn’t a good idea.

I’ve also posted earlier about a glans pump improving sensitivity. Which is has done but I reckon possibly encouraging only nerve receptor sensitivity in the glans, not the way nerve signals are transmitted along the dorsal main nerve. (Which might be getting damaged through repetitive ‘bruising’ when jelqing).

I’m not an expert on human anatomy - but this is my thought on the matter.

So do you guys feel this should be make more clear?

Also, I have a question. If there is dorsal nerve damage its been advised to rest - totally - for possibly months. I’ve been using a penis pump with a couple of weeks off recently. Normally do jelqs alongside. I was going to start a low vacuum routine with heat - as mentioned by gprent in the pumpers forum. Do you think this could be done without hindering dorsal nerve recover, If I avoid the jelqs? I was thinking that low vacuum pumping wouldn’t affect the nerve. Possibly also the application of heat helping recovery?

Or is it best to lay off completely?

Thanks in advance.

Hey mate.

Most people here jelq right up, the problem comes when your really start applying pressure on the area where glans meets foreskin for an extended time. When mine was getting bruised, as in mid injury I could feel it tingling like hell. One of the reasons I used mine right below the glans was that I read a post advocating it and despite numerous warnings did it anyway. I accept responsibilty.

I have since tried to find that post to no avail.

So let me get this striaght, your glans is ok but the dorsal nerve area on top of the shaft is desensitized?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

when I jelqed I would apply the stroke, with an overhand ok grip, along the whole length of the shaft to right behind the glans. Would never jelq the glans itself. What I’ve experienced is similar to you, ie hard to get that pleasurable sensation on glans stimulation.

In general sensation all over is OK, it’s just the hightened sense of pleasure that seems to be diminished.

Are you circumcised? I say that as I have to be honest mine is back now where it was before and probably a little more as I’ve regrown some foreskin.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

I’m uncircumcised.

So, can I ask what feedback there is on pumping Low pressure, giving jelqs a rest, while recovering from nerve bruising? Cheers!


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