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I was wondering, Where can I find info about nerve damage and it”s simptoms. Every now and then during my PE exercises I feel a kind of “pointy pain” at the base of the penis, specialy when I grab it with the “OK” sign. Last night I had sex with an ex and I”ve noticed that I my erection wasn”t as strong as before.( I didn”t had sex for two weks untill last night) During sex I felt the pain for a second or two . Is it posible that I aplye to much presure on the shaft and doing so damagteing my nerves?

Tell me if you know something about this condition.

Nerve damage usually is felt as a tingling or numbness, not pain. Sharp pains during PE may be related to stretching the skin too quickly or tearing internal tissues by the use of too much force. It is possible to apply too much pressure and damage nerves, but this sounds like something else to me.

From your experiance what do you think it could be, westla?

It could be that the skin is getting stretched too far too fast. Or perhaps a small tear in a ligament from too much force. It doesn’t sound like nerve damage to me.

The usual remedy is to stop PE for a couple weeks and see if it goes away.

Oky, thanks , I”m trieing this as “we speak”.

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