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Stretches that avoid Nerves BS

Stretches that avoid Nerves BS

I know that technique can vary greatly from person to person, but I’m a little confused about one thing in particular.

I’ve seen alot of talk about avoiding the nerve bundle behind the glans on the top an the dorsal nerve down the center of the top side. But, to be honest, following the “1 inch behind glans” grip to perform stretches just absolutely does not work for me at all. Instead, I wrap my thumb and forefinger around just behind the coronal ridge and pull from there. This works alot better, especially with talc as a grip aid, and manages to avoid most of the nerves (except for the foremost fringe of the nerve bundle behind the glans.)

Will this harm my nerves? Is there any proof of the bundle’s sensitivity deteriorating from repetitive contact and pressure?


I grip the same way, directly behind the coronal ridge. If I gripped any lower, all I’d be stretching is skin.

The grip, and it’s saftey issue, was one of the reasons I switched to hanging.

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I think you can grip an inch behind the glans and let that bunch of skin fold up and act as a sort of cushion. As long as you’re not experiencing any numbing or coldness or weird shit, you’re okay.

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Ramrod: About hanging..

I can only imagine what kind of clamp must be involved in order to secure a hanging device. Do hanging rigs cause deformation of the head?


You are okay, as long as you use palm down grip.

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The short answer is: No, not if you’re using a well-designed hanger device and attaching it properly.

What that means is that it is generally accepted that lateral compression and placement on the shaft so that the hanger does not ride OVER the coronal ridge is
safe for hanging.

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