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My dick is getting soft !!!

My dick is getting soft !!!

Basically my dick is getting softer, and no amount of kegels are doing the job !?!? Since I started PE my erections seemed to go from strength to strength, but now it’s going the other way. The thing is I seem to be making slow steady gains now, but my cock still only takes the blood it used to need instead of what it now needs. What can I do as I don’t want a big floppy cock??

Wow, there are so many variables. Diet, drinking, head games. What has changed recently?

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

In my opinion, one day you was soft for a reason, and now you are paranoid, if you worry about it, you won’t get harder, even if you don’t think about it, it’s still in the back of your mind, nothing has changed mate… it happened to me once!

Time is valuable and so is a suitable penis, so use it wisely (your penis that is.)


What is your routine, how long have you been doing your current routine, and have you added anything new to your routine recently? How many rest days do you take? In what situations does this happen, and are you constantly thinking about it during these situations?

>>Since I started PE my erections seemed to go from strength to strength, but now it’s going the other way.>>

I cannot help but think that your problems are due to stress/performance anxiety or the like. When you started they improved, as you continued they “went the other way”. Either some new stress or trauma is going on or you are into the “too much” category of pe.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I remember in one of Bib’s threads he mentioned that his erections were always slightly softer during periods of growth. You did memtion you were having steady gains.

One foot to go


Well first off it’s not that I can’t get an erection for sex or PE it’s just that when I get one it’s not as pumped up and ridged as over the past few months. This has been getting worse for about 3 weeks, I’ve not changed anything in my routine, and I’ve been taking regular rest days every 2-3 days PE. I’ve not been over doing it (mainly as I can’t, due to under inflation) and have kept up with my kegel routine. I don’t really want to start taking supplements or viagra as I’m only 25 and in good health physically and mentally.


I hope this is the case as I really need some girth gains and in a way this would explain things…..more girth more blood needed. It’s just how do I get more blood in my system ?!?!


Sounds like you need to take a PE break and let your dick totally heal and rest, it might be in your head or your dick is beat up. What your talking about happens to me after long workouts and long hanging. If I was you I would take a couple of weeks off with no PE at all.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Cheers Dino I think I might give that a go, although it doesn’t feel like I’ve over done it, so maybe just a week off.

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