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Loss of sensitivity

Loss of sensitivity

I think I may have twitched a nerve or something with hanging. My glans has lost some, noticable but not all sensitivity. Im stopping all PE right now (good time for a decon break anyway) with the exception of flaccid kegels.

I just need to have some reassurance that I will get this sensitivity back, I dont wanna last longer in the sack :) And what will help with recovery? Heat? Less sex/masturbation etc?

It could help knowing what kind of hanger were you using and how many days ago this loss of sensitivity happened.

Also: what exactly means ‘noticeable but not all’? Can you have an orgasm? Had any tingling or similar?

Do you have any pain? Most of times we can feel a reduced sensitivity from PE, but after few days the glans return exactly as before (in my case, sometimes more sensitive than before); I guess it’s just a temporary numbness due to reduced blood-flow; the culprit, 3 on 4, is too long lasting hanging sets.

I don’t think masturbation can have any effect on recovery, neither heat/cold. Stay calm, and if the sensitivity doesn’t come back after few days go to see an urologist.

I was using the BIB starter, Its been 2/3 days.

Yes I can have an orgasm, the orgasm feels as usual. No tingling. No pain now. Most numbness was during the hanging session and shortly afterwards, some sensitivity came back but not all.

“Noticeable but not all sensitivity loss” means: Not all sensitivity is lost, there is still sensitivity in my glans but I can definnetly feel a loss of sensitivity/numbness on certain parts of my glans.

I think if you had nerve damage you would feel numbness in your whole glans. Take some days rest and don’t worry. When (and if) you’ll re-start hanging, don’t do sets lasting more than 15 minutes.

Thanks for the encouragement. Its all good now but Ill still be taking this decon break.

Its still weird though because from what Ive read theres chronic and acute numbness. Acute numbness is usually because of reduced blood flow and gets back within a few minutes after bloodflow returns to normal. Chronic numbness happens because of nerve damage and lasts longer, days or weeks.

Most of my hanging sets didnt last over 15 minutes.

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