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@ all Hanger-people: experiencing long-term loss of sensitivity??

@ all Hanger-people: experiencing long-term loss of sensitivity??

Hi all,

each time i start Hanging I experience a loss of sensitivity after about 2 weeks.
I hang with the BIB-starter, 2 pounds, 15 minutes, 2 times, 5 days a week.

But thats not my question I want to know if any man who hangs or has hung for a longer period has experienced this:

A loss of sensitivity, a feeling like a condom is rolled over the penis, not the old sensitive feeling but a feeling with a bit of discomfort and pain when masturbating, shorter times the erection is hard…………..

Would like to read some informative input,



I have been hanging for a year and have gone through periods of varying sensitivity. Now, I have normal sensitivity. I think that your penis just has to become conditioned to the hanger. You are hanging a very low weight for short periods of time. I was hanging 25 lbs. in 20 minute sets for 4 hours per day. I am now hanging much less due to a change in routine for 3 months. However, when I start back again, I will get back to the same schedule and don’t expect any issues with sensitivity loss.

What kind of wrap are you using?

How tight is the hanger?

Does the head turn blue and cold during the set?

Does the head twist in the hanger?

The answers to these questions may shed some light on the problem.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

I haven’t had any serious sensitivity issues at up to 15 pounds. I use a cloth wrap (ACE) under theraband as a wrap.

Jelktoid - My glans generally rolls over on it side with respect to the front of the bibhanger. I haven’t been too concerned - what do you have to do to stop that from occuring?


, wrapping shouldnt be a problem.

I have wrapped earlier with only theraband, now i use elastomull (its from a pharmaceutic store, a clinical tissue made of cotton) and no theraband.

My glans become a bit blue after the 15 minutes and the tip of my had has a slightly darker color than the rest of my glans…

The hanger isnt VERY tight, it is only tight enough that it doesnt slip.

I am a bit circumcised (not fully) , is it better to wrap the penis like it is in normal state (if i dont touch it) or should i pull back the foreskin with my finger at the base and then put the hanger on (this will provide a much heavier stretch cause the penis is “thinner” when the hanger is fixed)………….

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