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Keep getting these inflamed hair follicles at the base from jelqs

Keep getting these inflamed hair follicles at the base from jelqs

This is starting to get irritating, literally!

Maybe I am just shaving down there too often and need to change razors more often, but I keep getting irritated hair follicles at the base of my cock.

I find these random bumps on the base of my cock sometimes. First off, I do not have any STDs or infections so I know that isn’t the cause.

What I have been doing lately has been using a tweezer and literally pulling out the (what appears to be a) hair follicle that is causing this problem, then it will let out a little blood(it is hard to not pull some skin off in the process). I then apply neosporin to the affected area and it will go away within a day.

However, I don’t know how to stop this from happening. I figure that this is coming from the friction at the base when I dry jelq, but I don’t want to stop dry jelquing because I am gaining from it lately.

Any suggestions?

I know exactly what you mean.

Shave WITH the hairs and apply hot damp towel afterwards.

Hope it works, does for me..

I have heard someone using Scope Mouthwash to help this out. For my neck, I use Tendskin, which is a product for ingrown hairs.

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