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Injury ?

Injury ?

Ok so i jelq today after a two day breakout so i jelqed about 30 minutes without warming i never does warming before i jelqed because its another 10 minutes or so and my parents already wandering what i do in the bathroom for 30 minutes anyway right before i finished my exercise i noticed kind of a bump right under my glans its like a swollen vein or something what should i do is it normal ?

You are a newbie, like me, and I’ve never read to do 30 minute of jelq (for a newbie). And I’ve always read that heat is important, for gain and to avoid injuries. Spend less time to jelq and use the heat.

I read this on firegoat’s signature: “Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others.”

You can belive in the vets suggestions or do in your way. You can choose.

nshl, 30 minutes of jelqing is a lot! Depending on intensity, jelqing (or any other form of PE) can cause temporary differences in the appearance of your unit. This is part of the process and whilst I hope you haven’t injured yourself, let it heal up and don’t freak out about it. Understand it and remember the intensity you used in order to avoid future injury or risk of. It’s a good learning opportunity. I’ve burst blood vessels in my unit before (recently, in fact) and I know why, too much intensity. Take it easy with the jelqing and learn your unit.



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