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Ingrown hair, help

Ingrown hair, help

I was jelqing and realized that I had a pimple like thing near my upper leg. After I stopped jeqling, I went to the bathroom, trimmed the area around it, and then plucked the hair that was over it out. However, the white thing did not come out. I somehow managed to get rid of the white thing and I could actually see the a little piece of the hair come out. Right now, it is just like a red bump, and I see no whiteness. I literally just got out of the bathroom. Can someone please help me out, or recommend what I should do. I want this this gone ASAP. Thanks.

Also, it does not hurt much when I touch it, it’s just a little bit. Nothing major. Any help?


/forum/search.php?searchid=325720 All searches for “ingrown hair”

/forum/search.php?searchid=325721 All searches for “ingrown hairs”

Search is your friend, your best friend.

Listerine or Neo-Sporin on the hair wound. The Alcohol?Anti-Bac shit helps. Buy a pair of Tweezers and dig into the wound like I do to pull the hair completely out. Painful yet fun, especially when the hair feels like copper wire in cement.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

This shit happens to all of us. Kinda comes from doing what we do.

Life if full of little discoveries.

If you got the hair out, then you are finished. It should heal up pretty quickly.

The situation right now; the little red bump stings a little when you touch it, but it also looks smaller, and less red then when I went to bed last night. Good sign of healing?



Consider yourself lucky, recently I had one on the shaft of my penis and had to remove it with a pair of sharp nail scissors. However, once I got rid of it all discomfort left within ten minutes, and if you are still sore then perhaps it is still there.

It hurts a little when I push it or rub it for an excessive time. But nothing like it was.

Fuck it, it’s normal, It’ll go away on it’s own.

Some of them can hurt like a mother - I just got over one on my face.

It really sucks when you get one on your shaft. Besides the pain thing, there’s always the head trip involved about it possibly being VD instead. Zit creme works on them pretty good also. Basically because it’s drying it out and most of the cremes contain a little salicytic acid which clears up just about any skin affliction. Just takes a little time - more than we like.

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